Beautiful conditions for family day

Near the warming hut at CNC I met the Thannhauser family; L-R, Elsa, mom Christine, dad Steve, and Caleb.

It’s a great ski season when you can go to any of 15 different locations and have excellent conditions. I chose to take the eight-minute drive to Canmore Nordic Centre and enjoyed fantastic skiing.

Bow trail at Canmore Nordic Centre

The temperature had warmed up to -15°C, the sun was shining brightly, and the flags were limp when I arrived early afternoon. I used VR30(-10/-30) but I think polar wax may have been a better choice on the ultra-cold snow. 

it was a busy day with wonderful conditions at Canmore Nordic Centre

I skied a myriad of trails over the next two hours and it was all good. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen Bow trail in such amazing condition. Not a twig, blade of grass, or pine needle in sight.

With the daylodge and warming hut, the Canmore Nordic Centre is a popular place on a cold day. 

On a sunny day the scenery at CNC is breathtaking, but it wasn’t the only place for good photo opportunities. Check the spectacular picture taken at the Goat Creek bridge on Nikolai’s trip report. Extremely cold, calm days have their own beauty. 

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