Fabulous conditions at Canmore Nordic Centre

Aleashia and Erin at the intersection of Banff, Bow, and Meadowview

As I was driving back to Canmore from Calgary this afternoon, the wind was fierce on the Trans Canada with lots of drifting snow. A wind warning was issued this morning for Canmore and Kananaskis but I was relieved to see it had little impact on the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Larkin, Adam, and Ian Murray from Capital Region Training Group on Meadowview

Upon my arrival at CNC around 3:30 pm, the temperature was -6°C and there was just a light breeze. As I was clicking into my skis, I took a picture of two delightful young ladies, Aleashia and Erin, who were just starting out. 

I used VR45(-2/-8) and had excellent grip while climbing the steep Olympic trail up to the Meadowview junction. 

Climbing Olympic trail at Canmore Nordic Centre

The trails are in amazing condition and skiing anywhere is a real pleasure. The tracks are super fast but not icy. There is a minute amount of debris but of little consequence. 

The start of Meadowview trail

I skied the entire length of Meadowview on excellent conditions and who should I meet at the end of the trail but Aleashia and Erin. They skied on Banff and Bow trails and said conditions were great. 

I enjoyed running into Ian Murray and two members of his training group, Larkin and Adam, who were getting in a pre-Cookie Race ski. Every time I look at race results this winter, Ian’s name is always at the top. 

Aleashia and Erin are heading up Meadowview

One trail on my agenda for today was King of Sweden which had been closed and/or in sketchy condition for most of the winter. It was in good shape with one warning sign indicating some icy patches which were insignificant. I prefer going downhill on King of Sweden than on the competition trails where I often get lost in the maze!

Pocaterra hut and environs will be very crowded and busy tomorrow due to the Cookie Race in PLPP. Good luck to all the participants!

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