Snow on the way

Craig and Dave were returning from Skogan summit. We met at the Marmot junction

Snowfall warnings are in effect for the mountains and from the sounds of the trip reports, it has already started in most of the places where we ski, but nothing yet in Canmore as I write this at 7:30 pm. 

Tracksetting on Skogan Pass starts above the Screamer

It appears that Calgary and West Bragg Creek will be getting a refresher if not a big dump. The ever-optimistic Snow Forecast is calling for 19 cm tomorrow(Saturday) at Ribbon Creek and 8 cm on Sunday. 

I had to rub shoulders with downhill skiers as I skied through Nakiska

I was at Ribbon Creek today, and the lower elevation trails could sure use more snow. I had designs on skiing Skogan Pass but had to cut it short as I was nearing the Sunburst junction because of an equipment malfunction on my ski boot. I did enjoy the wonderful tracksetting while it lasted. It was snowing above the Marmot junction. 

Hidden trail is aptly named because it is very hard to find after skiing through Nakiska. Can you spot the two downhillers in the chairlift?

I ran into Craig and Dave at the Marmot junction as they were returning from the summit. They said it was -18°C when they started out this morning. When I started out at 1:30 pm, it was +1. When I parked ten minutes earlier, my car said -12. In the space of ten minutes, while I was getting ready, a strong wind came through and brought the warm air. 

Skogan Pass

I also ran into tracksetter Jeff who was putting the finishing touches on a new access trail to Lower Skogan. By finishing touches, I mean that he was smoothing it out. It still requires substantial snow before it can be used. You have probably seen the large ice flow which develops at the start of Skogan Pass just as you start out from the Ribbon Creek parking lot. The new trail will bypass the ice flow.

Tracksetter Jeff

There is still the other ice flow further up on Lower Skogan. I got through it okay but it’s risky. There are warning signs at each end of the trail. 

Today I took Hidden trail through the Nakiska downhill ski area to access Upper Skogan. Hidden and the lower half of the Screamer could use 5-10 cm of new snow. The Screamer was safe but had a few dirty snow patches on the lower half. From Marmot junction onward the conditions were terrific. 

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