Snowfall updates

Lake Louise road cam at 12:02 pm

Thursday Feb 8 @ 12:07 pm

It’s been snowing heavily in Canmore all morning, but just now it is clearing up enough for me to see a faint outline of Grotto mountain across the valley. I have an accumulation of 12 cm so far. Temperature is -15°C.

Last night’s grooming in PLPP included Whiskey Jack, Packers, and Upper Pocaterra but is probably all covered with new snow by now…

“Snow fell continually, very heavy at times, throughout the night and in to the morning, with accumulations of 30 cm and up throughout the Park by 10AM, with snow still falling.”

It looks like the ever-optimistic Snow Forecast underestimated this time!

The Mud Lake weather station shows 32 cm of new snow with 4 cm in the past hour.

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