What do you make of this?

(Update: Thanks for all the feedback. I have disabled further comments.)

Warning: The following post contains profanity.

I received this email yesterday from Corey Kruchkowski. You may remember, he was leading the fat-bikers on Blueberry Hill back in November. Click for a larger image. 

You’ll see this sign as you drive into PLPP

That email shows a tenuous grasp on reality concerning the rules around skiing and biking in PLPP. 

Skate-skiing in PLPP? Where the trails are narrow and not groomed for skating, and there are so many better options available such as Bill Milne, Mt Shark, Canmore, and West Bragg? Talk about digging yourself deeper. There’s no law against making poor choices in this country but it’s a reflection of someone’s judgement. 

Corey, or someone with the same IP address, has been leaving comments under different names, most of which were not displayed due to profanity, including one yesterday. I don’t think it would be a stretch to assume that Corey, Thu Madre, and C Lydesdale are one and the same person.

Corey and Thu Madre have also posted comments under a second IP address. I’m guessing this is from his workplace because these are submitted during the day. 


  1. Love your site! I check it as well as trail reports for trail conditions. Thanks for keeping us cross country skiers updated!
    Maybe block the user to avoid receiving unpleasant emails.

  2. Bob, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and for all the goodness you have provided people by developing this site. You are truly a great person and there are many of us out there that are extremely upset by reading the disrespect exhibited by this individual. People will always have different opinions but there should always be mutual respect towards one another. Shame on this fellow. Just know you have the support of many and we are all wishing you good thoughts.

  3. I was skiing there on that day too and saw the fat bikers and the off leash dog and felt it was dangerous too. I am a dog owner myself and an avid mountain biker. The trails had been groomed and track set for x-country skiing so I am sure it meant they were open for skiing.
    I use your blog all the time Bob and I love it.

  4. You will not be able to reason with someone like this. He is just trying to get a reaction. You need to block/ ignore him. He has problems in his life and he’s taking it out on everyone else. Feel sorry for him, but don’t let him get to you. Your website is great! Stick with the skiing information.

  5. What do I make of it? I would say he is still really angry with you. And I think you’re stirring the pot. It looks like you want your readers to support you, hate this guy, and if they don’t, you get angry at differing opinions. You did ask us what we thought.

    • All respectful comments are welcome but it’s not in my nature to roll over and take abuse or to let someone threaten me without consequences.

  6. Three months latter and still ….this trespassing fat biker with feelings of self entitled for things that don’t belong to him…..is STILL at it ….needing something to hate for all the short comings in life….dude pull it together… for yourself and if you seriously want to be an ambassador to promote your sport

  7. Corey Kruchkowski is right about one thing: he did play semi-pro hockey for exactly one season, as he’s “featured” on a website called “dropyourgloves.com”, which may partly explain his mental state.

  8. Bob, thank you so very much for all you do! I’m so very sorry that you are a target for such bad behaviour! Please keep doing what you do so wonderfully!

  9. Bob, I am so sorry you’ve been dealing with this horrible behaviour. It seems to be part of a continuum of bad behaviour we see online these days. Rotten to have to put up with this.

    In all seriousness though, I wonder why not put up another category on Trip Reports? Call it Fat Biking. You could try it for a period and if it fails, then pull it. I realize this is more work for you, but as you know we’re all part of the same outdoor loving club.

    Has anyone suggested this? I’ve read quite a bit of the posts on this topic, but definitely not all.

    • why would Bob have a section for fatBIKING? when his site is clearly identified as SKIERbob

      makes no sense IMHO

      • He has a section for snowshoeing reports. I do both activities (xc ski and snowshoe) so I appreciate having information for both on one website. I don’t know if fat biking is a good thing to add, but it could be considered based on more than the name of the website.

  10. Lol.. did this Corey guy even graduate from elementary school? How childish and uneducated. Could it be an imposter trying to create some drama? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with Bob publicising the email if it really is Corey. At least if something really happens to Bob on the coming weekend we know whose door to knock. Also, the other benefit is if it’s an imposter, the real Corey (if he sees this blog) will be able to defend himself and clear his name.

    Anyway I am amazed an adult would actually behave like that. Definitely mentally retarded.

  11. “…they dispute not in order to find or even to seek truth, but for victory, and to appear the more learned and strenuous upholders of a contrary opinion…” (Giordano Bruno)

    Hi Bob and Corey. I have been an avid cross-country skier, snowshoer, hiker, and mountain biker in this area for countless years. I have always been very appreciative of individuals such as Bob who dedicate their personal time to sharing knowledge and conditions of our trails, and to people like Corey who dedicate their personal time to volunteering and engaging people with our trail systems who may not otherwise have the means.

    Have we forgotten the reason why we are all here? We all have a commonality: our passion and stewardship of an incredible network of trails. It is disappointing to see communities of people turned against each other rather simple miscommunications. These continual arguments and back-and-forth accusations are growing tiresome and rather embarrassing for our community.

    May I suggest that we put an end to the scathing accusations, finger-pointing, and harsh words? Let us put our egos aside and recognize that reposting private email conversations is slanderous and can be damaging to reputations. Please keep private messages private. Things are getting out of hand. An individual made an erroneous decision, and has admitted to it. Let us forgive.

    At the end of the day, we can agree from now on to do our due diligence to follow mandated trail designations. I’m sure all followers of this blog will be grateful to see an end to this. Let’s shake off our sour feelings and enjoy the this beautiful place together.

    • Bill, your world of rainbows and unicorns sounds fascinating, but unfortunately I have to deal with reality. All followers of this blog saw an end to this situation three months ago. Perhaps you can ask Corey why he decided to resurrect this incident which was laid to rest in November, or why he decided to send profanity-laced comments to this public blog, or threatening emails to me yesterday.

      You are creating a false equivalency by including me in your “continual arguments.” I have said nothing about this incident for months.

      You’re seriously suggesting that he’s been slandered by my posting his email? What a lame attempt at reframing this. There is nothing in his email to suggest it was meant to be private and I posted it in the public interest. (I was even considerate enough to block out his email address so he wouldn’t get a bunch of hate mail). Corey is well aware that I run a public blog and anything he sends is subject to being posted.

      Okay, so let’s end it(again). I’ll leave it to you to make sure that Corey and his gang of skate-skiers stay away from PLPP this weekend. Tell him to stop sending profane comments and threatening emails. Give him the sunshine and lollipops speech. 🙂 -Bob

      • Yeah, I think I’m going to go ahead and agree with Bill. To be clear, it’s not up to you or Bill to make sure anyone does anything. Just report to proper channels and move on. The whole thing could have been de-escalated from the start. Rather than aggressively taking pictures and pretty much doxxing the guy, you could have just explained and moved on. There’s more than one high horse to dismount from here…
        p.s. I only ski and rather dislike fat biking in general.

        “aggressively taking pictures?” WTH does that mean? What you’re doing is known as “Shooting the messenger.” Yesterday while skiing with Georgina she mentioned how fortunate it was that I happened to be on the trail that day to take pictures and report on the incident.

        Corey breaks the rules and creates a dangerous situation on the trail. Hey SkierBob, let’s move on. Corey resurrects the incident three months later with threats and profanity. Hey SkierBob, let’s move on. Wow. -Bob

        • Did you even read Bob’s blog post about what happened? Bob told Corey about the rules but Corey was aggressive and non compliant. That is the reason why Bob publicised this incident. If Corey had been polite and admitted his mistake there would be no reason to take his pictures and publicise the incident. publicising the incident serves as a warning to all uncivilized neanthedals they can be held accountable and ridiculed for their behaviour.

        • So it seems like you have problems moving on from things. You know there’s counseling for that. Do you often find yourself in ever escalating conflicts that don’t get resolved until you call the RCMP? Previous posts on this site seem to suggest this isn’t the first time. Hint: This doesn’t happen to most people. It may not just be “them”.

          • Nice try gaslighting. Are you really Corey or perhaps one of his friends? I find it odd that he would have any..

          • BYU, it’s obvious you didn’t think this one through adequately, or you have poor reading comprehension. I didn’t call the RCMP. I am hopeful that Corey is just a loudmouth jerk full of himself and is not dangerous. A number of people saw fit to go to the RCMP because they were harassed. I guess it’s “them” you’re referring to. Seeing as you’re an expert, can you tell us if Corey is a dangerous psychopath or just a harmless jerk? The fact that you are too cowardly to use your real name tells me all I need to know about you.

  12. Anything on a public FB page can be reported, but I see it was an e-mail, too bad.

  13. Curious if the second IP is from the Calgary Cycle shop…anyway to find out?

    Three ways to find an IP address:
    1. Ask them what it is

    2. If the shop provides internet access to the public, you can also look to see what the IP address is.

    3. If someone is posting defamatory or threatening comments, it’s possible to get a court order if you can convince a judge it is warranted. We’re not there yet, and hopefully won’t ever be. -Bob

    • I very strongly doubt that Calgary Cycle had anything to do with this. The owner apologized on both this site and on Ride The Rockies and then disassociated the store from Cory. I’m a long time customer of Calgary Cycle and the owner sent me a personal note saying that the trip was not sanctioned or approved for PLPP nor does he or any of his staff ever condone the behaviour of the bikers on that day.

  14. I checked the Alberta Parks website for PLPP and it definitely is no fat biking period. Not sure what the not officially open for XC reference is supposed to mean as certainly doesn’t vindicate his actions. Fortunately this is not the shared opinion of the majority of fat bikers as per the Ride The Rocks Facebook entries.

  15. Just received this email from a reader. Police won’t do anything until a crime is committed. I thought the best protection was simply to post his email and make it public. I appreciate the concern.

    Hi Bob,

    I just read your post about comments from Cory and more comments from the same IP address. I would like to encourage you to file a police report. This Cory person doesn’t sound like a reasonable character, and is bullying you online well after initial incident. I’m glad you posted it on your website for all to see but I think I would take it a step further and speak with the police. His email is concerning to me that he “hope you meet again.” For him to be using his energy into harassing you is not something normal people do.

    I’m sorry that this cyber bullying is occurring. I read your posts on the incident itself and my husband and I both thought you were levelheaded and fair, just and honest.

  16. Hey Bob
    I would be inclined to talk to the police. Just to understand what is and is not “Cyber Bullying”.

    Stay strong. The people that matter stand with you.

    Thanks. Now that he knows it’s public, I wouldn’t expect him to do anything crazy. If, on the rare possibility that he’s ready to go over the edge, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. -Bob

  17. Hello Bob, missed seeing you on the trails this year! I want you to know how much we enjoy having your blog to read on a daily basis. We use the information that you and others provide on this site when we are skiing in the area. In light of this most recent disturbing blog, sometimes it is just best to ignore those who have obvious other issues. Thanks for sticking up for the cross country skiers and the trails. If these guys I believe by the IP address one of the same wish to be on these PLPP trails they should take up cross country skiing. I never saw skate skiing a PLPP Hang in their Bob don’t let this get to you!
    Joanne & Allan from Regina

  18. Hey Bob. I was there that day too and nearly hit them. If Cory thinks he’s right about trail closures, the fat biking page for Kananasksis (https://www.albertaparks.ca/parks/kananaskis/kananaskis-country/activities-events/winter-activities/fat-biking/) describes PLPP as “Currently NO TRAILS approved for fat biking” whereas for other trails, closure dates are stated such as “Stoney Trail (Seasonal closure: April 15-June 15)” or for Bow Valley Wildlife Prov. Park: “Prohibited from December 1 to June 15 (including all trails above EKG East – Killer Bees, Ziggy’s, Nectar Noodle, The Backdoor, The Albertan) ” and “Restricted to designated trails only from June 16 to November 30”.

    I see no dates limiting when fat biking is allowed or disallowed in PLPP

    • I don’t understand what Corey means about the trails “not officially open to xc skiing.” They’re definitely open to xc skiing but not fat-biking. The sign is prominently displayed to everyone driving from Hwy #40 into the park.

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