Season-end “meet and greet”

I hope to see you on Saturday at Pocaterra

I’d like to meet all my readers this Saturday Mar 31 at Pocaterra Hut after skiing. I’ll break with tradition and ski early so I can be at the hut starting at 2 pm and I’ll be there ’til 4 pm. 

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is welcome but I would especially like to thank you in person if you have submitted a trip report this winter, or made a donation.

Meet MaSid the couch builder this Saturday

If the free hot chocolate and cookies isn’t tempting enough, you will also be able to meet MaSid the couch builder in person!

This has been one of the best ski seasons in the past five years and I’d like to hear about your favourite trips. 

I realize this is Easter weekend and you may have other plans, so if you can’t make it this Saturday, we’ll do it again on Sat April 7, same time and place. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

In skiing news, the Mt Shark trails were trackset early this morning(Thursday). The trail report states…

“A few light flurries fell on the Shark system early this morning but with no noticeable accumulation by 7:30 AM. The 5km’s that is normally ungroomed on the Green 15k loop was groomed and track set on Mar 18th and has 8 to 10 cm’s of snow on top of that grooming.”

Chuck skied to Lake O’Hara yesterday(see the trip reports for details and photos) and while conditions look good, be aware Le Relais day shelter is now closed for the season. 

Moraine Lake road was trackset yesterday. Skating lane was groomed on Monday. 


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  1. Hi Bob. I’m taking a couple of never ever skiers out today and after visiting the Pocaterra area last weekend I really felt it is not flat enough for never evers. There are many hills and rolling terrain…unless someone can recommend something very flat in the are, it’s unlikely we will have a chance to meet. Thank you (and the groomers) for all their amazing hard work this season.

    Since the demise of “Old Pocaterra,” there’s limited terrain for a brand new skier in PLPP. Wheeler is about the only trail without any significant hills but it will have a ton of new snow on top. The Rolly Road practice grid and trail leading to it were trackset last night but it’s only a short trail. Good luck wherever you go. -Bob

  2. Thanks for orchestrating this and putting it out there bob! Been working a lot lately so looking forward to a ski with new non-sticky snow, hopefully some sun for a pleasant couch visit followed by some social activity. If we can’t fill the hut, could at least fill the couch beforehand. (-:

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