Should be some good skiing this weekend

West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Jeff.

In addition to to all the trip reports, here is an update from West Bragg Creek Groomer Jeff:

“The early bird get’s the worm! 2-5 cm of new snow dusted the trails Thursday night making for perfect grooming conditions this morning.

The following trails were groomed and track set today:


Mountain Road to MV jcn, Mountain View, Moose Connector, East and West Crystal, Sundog, Loggers, Iron Creek, Iron Springs, Elbow and Hostel Loop.

Although conditions were stellar this morning, they will become soft and variable as the temperature heats up. Expect a mix of conditions depending on what time of day you ski.”

JeremyN has also posted a number of photos from West Bragg on his trip report. 

Chip said he wouldn’t send any more trip reports unless I posted a birthday photo which he took. I turned 65 on March 20 and am thrilled to have made it this far. 

An epic day of tracksetting occurred on the Kanananaskis Village, Ribbon Creek, Skogan Pass, Bill Milne, Evan-Thomas, Wedge Connector trails. Lots of green showing on the Live Grooming Report. 

The south trails were trackset last night in PLPP and we can expect more tonight. The predicted low tonight at Boulton Creek is -10 with a high of -2 on Saturday and some new snow. 

The Great Divide at Lake Louise was groomed and trackset yesterday(Thur 22nd). Fairview and Upper Tramline were trackset today. From the looks of Chuck’s photos, Moraine Lake Road is still in nice shape. 

In Banff National Park, Spray River East and West was trackset on the 21st. 

Nipika Mountain Resort: March 23 A beautiful sunny day with current temperatures at -1. Spring conditions, which means hardpack in the morning with trails softening up in the afternoon. Prime ski time is between 12-2. Trails are still in great spring condition, lots of snow still left!


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  1. Happy anniversary! Live long Skier Bob!

  2. Thanks for the excellent full synopsis bob, and happy belated birthday! Time to start thinking of a skier bob web apprentice, maybe. (-:

    • Gasp… MaSid. Succession planning? Bob’s got at least another generation of leadership in building community capacity. No handing over the reigns anytime soon I hope. BTW, Happy Birthday Bob!

      • Happy birthday Bob.

        In Chip’s great photo you look the spitting image of legendary Don Forest, who skied into his 80s! And you can’t stop now that you’ve spent good money on new ski base prep -)

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