Canmore Nordic Centre

-Bella and mom Stephanie were heading for the warming hut.-

Thanks for all the trip reports. Amazing conditions everywhere and Mt Shark was, according to Gwen, “like winning the lottery!”

The conditions at CNC are fantastic for January 15, yet it’s April 6! Hugh submitted a trip report which summed it up nicely…

“Trails are in amazing shape. We skied off the fresh grooming and found conditions to be close to perfect.”

I took the trails on the left to Olympic and eventually, after lots of climbing, to Meadowview

It was -4°C when I started at 4 pm. I climbed up Olympic to Meadowview on VR50 and had good grip. I enjoyed wonderful new tracksetting to the end of  Meadowview where I had a nice chat with Kelsey, Mary, and John and took their picture. 

Kelsey, Mary, and John at the junction of Bow, Banff, and Meadowview)

The snow on Meadowview has not deteriorated one bit and it was like mid-winter tracksetting. Returning on Banff trail, the tracks were semi-glazed in a few places but I still had excellent grip. On the plus side, the tracks were fast. 

All the major trails such as Bow, Banff, and Meadowview had fresh tracksetting. The side trails such as King of Sweden, Osprey, and Wolverine were covered with 1-2 cm of new snow. 

For those of you who are coming for the Meet ‘N Greet tomorrow at Pocaterra, it looks like we’ll have winter-like conditions. It’s going down to -13 tonight, with a high of -2 on Saturday.

Some trails will be groomed tonight(usual Fri night  grooming includes Pocaterra, Lynx, Come-Along, Rolly Road)but from the sounds of Jean-Francois’ report, the south end trails(Elk Pass, Blueberry, Tyrwhitt) are still in nice shape. 

Notice from Parks Canada: The Pipestone parking lot, lower section of Pipestone Loop and Mud Lake trails are CLOSED for tree removal

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