“Everything about your website helps me get out there”

Mt Shark trails were groomed last night (file photo from Jan 20, 2018)

It’s snowing in Canmore this morning with a temperature of -12°C. There’s no wind and the snow is coming straight down, looks beautiful. The Mt Shark trails were groomed last night including the 5K green trail. 

I received a donation from a reader yesterday who also sent along this email which I’m posting with her permission. Understandably she didn’t want her name used as it is very personal:

“My husband passed away suddenly in January 2011.  We had spent years with our children hiking and camping but never really got into cross-country skiing as a family. But our courting time was spent in PLPP in the early 80’s on our wooden skis. In 2010 I traded those in for a pair of metal edge skis and we were ready to go. In 2011 life stopped. And it may all sound a bit crazy but I found your website in 2012 and you have no idea how it has affected my life. I love cross country skiing and I get out on the trails and things just melt away. Everything about your website helps me get out there. 

My kids laugh because I quote Skierbob pretty regularly. One day we will meet on the trail. I know from your trip reports there have been a few close calls. My son was in the group that was at the top of Elk Pass when you were giving out ski wax and he thinks it is pretty funny that he had a Skierbob sighting before me. 

I know the website must be a lot of work but you have many, many passionate and thankful followers that appreciate everything you do.”

It looks like we’ll have cold snow and ideal sking temperatures tomorrow in PLPP. I expect there will also be some freshly groomed trails for you to ski on. While there, be sure to stop in at the Pocaterra Hut between 2-4 pm for our final Meet ‘N Greet. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to seeing you!

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