Still skiing on wax

-Breanna on Packers-

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to end a wonderful ski season. Skiing on cold snow with beautiful tracksetting and later seeing so many of the blog “regulars” at the hut. 

New tracksetting on Pocaterra

I filled in a few “blanks” by skiing some trails for the first time this winter including the Upper Lake trail and Rolly Road. After sking the Upper Lake trail, Cheryl dropped me off at Boulton Creek so I could ski Packers and Pocaterra back to the hut. 

Pocaterra near the Lynx junction

I was able to climb Packers on VR45(-2/-8) with reasonably good grip. There’s 5 cm of new snow over the 6-day-old tracksetting but the tracks were still in great shape. No ice flow in the usual spot. 

From the top of Packers I had excellent new tracksetting all the way to the hut, ending with Rolly Road. I never get tired of the fast ‘n fun downhill between Packers and Lynx. 

Thank you to everyone who brought treats for today’s Meet ‘N Greet. Helga drove all the way from Bragg Creek and brought along a tasty coffee cake. Thanks!

Rolly Road

Thanks for all the trip reports this winter

I noticed a lot of new names submitting trip reports this season. Your input is much appreciated.

Great to see everyone at the Pocaterra hut

All trip reports are valuable, as they help other skiers decide where to ski. Some people stick to the facts with a clear, concise description and I know many readers appreciate “short and sweet.” There are a few who are “different,” and I mean “different” in a good way 🙂  

I appreciate the descriptive language which Mary Perrott uses for her trip reports. (Thanks for the delicious cookies and muffins today, Mary.) Stephen Vermeulen often has his report in before noon, while I’m still having my morning coffee. I was happy to see Stephen at the hut today. 

Some of this blog’s regulars were able to deliver their trip reports in person

I wish I could write like my friend Chip who has an extraordinary command of the English language and a good sense of humour. Steve Riggs comes up with unique words such as “edgeable.” We are privileged to hear and see photos of epic adventures which we’d never know about if it wasn’t for Chuck and his “photo-journals”. All dog-lovers enjoy Kazzy’s reports. 

I’m finished sking for this season, but everyone else can continue submitting trip reports. 


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  1. Another thank you from an avid follower! It was wonderful to see you and the lovely Cheryl at Pocaterra on Saturday, as well as finally meeting “Man of La Couch-a”.
    Looking forward to meeting you on the trails again next season 🙂

  2. Hi Bob. It was so nice meeting you today. I just wanted to let you know that even though things were pretty warm when we started up Pocaterra around 3 pm, and almost turned back to head for coffee, the wax and skis cooled off within 15 min or so and we were able to get up the hills without too many problems. The clouds became thicker and the day a bit cooler….and so we had some fun fast skiing. When we arrived at the junction of Lynx, Amr said he preferred to do a loop rather than to ski back the way we came…and so on we went on Lynx which had fun hills and then onto the skier set Woolley…which was fabulous! At this point the snow started to fall lightly…getting heavier by the minute and around 530 pm we arrived at the Visitor Center. From there we skied on to Meadow on the west side of the road, and down the big hill under the hydroline. By this time it was snowing quite heavily. It was great to arrive at the hut with a nice warm fire already burning and some wonderful folks to chat with. We ate our “lunch” and then headed home, on almost empty roads that were fine despite the snow starting to build up. I imagine if anyone is brave enough to head out in the morning the conditions would be fabulous. By the way, I mean fabulous in that there is nice snow….to me having perfect tracks is just a bonus (although I want to thank the grooming crews for doing a great job!) If I didn’t have an orienteering session in the morning and then helping a friend to move in the afternoon, I would head out skiing again tomorrow 🙂

  3. Jean-Francois Richy

    Bob, It’s always a real pleasure to see you on the trails and thanks for this useful and unique blog. The xcountry community is lucky to have you! Have a good spring / summer whenever they come….

  4. Thank you, Bob, for your tireless and dedicated support of our skiing community.

  5. Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this site. I got back into skiing this winter and this site was such a great reference.

  6. Thanks again Bob for another great season together on the tracks – for supporting such a community of like-spirited people coming together on the ski trails and here on the blog. Kudos! See you next year.

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