Guess the Trail 2018

-What trail is this?-

Every autumn while we’re waiting for ski season to begin, we play Guess the Trail. I’ve made it particularly difficult this year because you were guessing them too quickly last year. 

There are a few really easy ones, too, just to tease you into playing the game. I’m confident there will be a couple trails in here that you will never get.

Posted below are the photos which are all numbered, 1 – 12, and they have all been posted on this blog in the past year. The first two photos are junctions of two trails. 

Leave your answer in the comments. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


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  1. Now that you’ve guessed them all, here are the official answers:
    1. Moraine/Fox Creek junction in PLPP.
    2. Bankhead to the left, Cascade Valley to the right.
    3. Watridge Lake road at Mt Shark, where dogs are allowed.
    4. Skogan Pass summit.
    5. Castle Lookout to Baker Creek.
    6. Bow trail at Canmore Nordic Centre.
    7. Telephone loop at West Bragg Creek
    8. Emerald Connector
    9. Yoho Valley road. Helen Read is the skier.
    10. Alluvial Fan at Emerald Lake.
    11. Bow River loop at Lake Louise.
    12. Terrace trail near Kananaskis Village.

  2. #8 looks like coming around on Emerald Lake after you’ve completed Alluvial Fan.

    You’re in the right park, but that’s not the trail we’re looking for. -Bob

    • Is it the trail that goes from Emerald Lake down to the highway? Beside the trailhead for Hamilton Falls. Forget the name of the trail.

      That’s it, the Emerald Connector! -Bob

  3. Fox Creek for #8

    I knew someone would make that guess, but it’s incorrect. The names of the skiers on the trail are Bruce and Marilyn. -Bob

  4. #8: Fairview, Lake Louise

    Nice try, but no! -Bob

  5. #8 plpl boulton creek ?

    Keep trying! -Bob

  6. Without looking at the replies here are my thoughts
    1. PLPP – Wheeler/Amos junction PLPP Moraine/Fox Creek
    2. Cascade Valley (Right) Bankhead (Left)
    3.Shark Mtn – Watridge Lake Trail
    4. Ribbon Creek – Skogan Pass Summit
    5. Castle Junction to Baker Creek Trail
    6. CNC – Banff Trail CNC – Bow Trail
    7., WBC – Telephone Loop
    8. Red Earth Creek We’re still guessing at this one
    9. Yoho Valley Road to Takakkaw Falls
    10. Pipestone Alluvial Fan at Emerald lake
    11. Along Bow River to Brewster Creek Trail Bow River Loop at Lake Louise
    12. Ribbon Creek – Kovach Trail Terrace Trail near the village. The snow cat is in the lane which is sometimes used by skaters, also by the horse-drawn sleigh.

    You got 6 exactly correct. I’ve filled in the incorrect ones(except #8). I’m looking forward to seeing you on the trail, and your trip reports this winter! -Bob

  7. 8: Red Earth Creek near the wardens’ cabin.

    I can see why you’d guess that, but it’s wrong. Here’s a photo of Redearth Creek which is similar; single track, narrow trail, with a creek along side. Redearth Creek -Bob

  8. #2 Minnewanka and up Cascade to the right. Bankhead to left, Cascade to right.
    #5 Castle Mountain Lookout Castle Lookout to Baker Creek, close enough.
    #6 CNC- Bow Trail near Cold Shoulder Correct.
    #8 Brewster Creek? No
    #9 Yoho Valley Road (thanks to the other guesser, I REALLY want to ski here this season!)
    #11 Bow Valley Loop, LL Bow River Loop at Lake Louise.

    Good job! #8 can remain a mystery, but I’ll give a hint: Dippers can frequently be seen in the water. -Bob

  9. Nick (aka Nikolai)

    #4 Skogan Pass 🙂


    Still waiting for some guesses on #6 and #8. The grooming configuration on #6 is unusual for that trail. -Bob

    • Well, after getting a few confirmed below and striking out on ones I should have recognized, I’ll hazard a guess on #6 being a South Cross River Canyon trail at Nipika …it’s a stretch, but I first wrongly thought it was at CNC -just give me a cold shoulder should I be off!

      Your first impulse was correct. It’s Bow Trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre near the Cold Shoulder! junction. The grooming configuration with two tracks on one side was unusual because of a recent competition. -Bob

  10. 1: PLPP Moraine / Fox Creek

    4: Top of Skogan pass

    7: WBC Telephone

    12: Nakiska Terrace

    All are correct! I’m surprised you got #1 so quickly. -Bob

  11. 1: Fairview Loop No
    2: Minnewanka Road Stoney Creek Jct Need the trails names
    3: Watdrige Lake Close enough. Watridge Lake Road.
    4: Nordic Center No
    5: Bow Valley Parkway Okay, but what is the trail’s name?
    6: Mt Shark No
    7: UNK I don’t even know what that means.
    8: Pipestone No
    9: Yoho Valley Rd Yes!
    10: Emerald Lk. Okay, what’s the trail’s name?
    11: Lake Louise Yes, but name the trail, please.
    12: Bragg Cr. No

    My replies are in bold. If I give you a half-point for the partially correct answers, you got 4/12. Pretty good for the first comment! -Bob

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