Guess the Trail; final edition

-What trail is this?-

You’ve got one last opportunity to join the fun. There’s always one difficult picture with which to puzzle you. In this edition, I think it will be #10.

#13 will trick a few people. 

#5 Follow the snowcat tracks across the road to what trail?

Posted below are the photos numbered 1 – 14. Leave your answers in the comments. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


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  1. Thanks for your guesses. Here are the official answers:
    1. Lake Louise – Moraine Lake road
    2. PLPP – Jct of Elk Pass and Fox Creek
    3. Lake Louise – Fairview
    4. PLPP – Jct of Elk Pass and Hydroline(north end of Hydroline, or bottom of Hydroline. Hydroline also joins Elk Pass higher up).
    5. If skiing on Bill Milne, you would follow the cat tracks across the road to the Evan-Thomas trail.
    6. Upper Bankhead
    7. Ribbon Creek
    8. PLPP – Tyrwhitt
    9. Bill Milne
    10. Spray River East, about 2K from the Banff Springs Hotel.
    11. WBC – Moose loop
    12. Evan-Thomas. Where the grooming ends, you have to follow a narrow snowshoe trail for 200 metres to reach the Wedge Connector, crossing two bridges along the way.
    13. Come-Along. Before the 2013 floods, this section of trail was Pocaterra.
    14. PLPP – Kananaskis Fire Lookout north side.

    • Thanks Bob now we’re all fired up to revisit pics we knew and experience those we did not. Thanks again Bob I really enjoy your annual memory test

    • Awe, missed participating in this one but I see a few that I didn’t recognize at all! Well done on the fun; but none from Sandy McNabb! You should post a (mysterious, challenging and possibly historical) photo at Christmas & prize it up!

  2. #10 – Lower Tramline
    #6 – Cascade Valley Road

  3. #10 – Lower Telemark trail

  4. Here we go again!
    1. Moraine lake Road with Mount Temple in the background
    2. Elk pass trail/ Fox creek trail junction
    3. Fairview loop near Lake Louise
    4. Elk pass trail/ Hydroline trail junction
    5. Bill Milne, looking across Hwy 40 to the trail to wedge pond
    6. Bankhead
    7. Ribbon creek
    8. Tyrwhitt PLPP
    9. Bill Milne near the bridge over Evan Thomas creek
    10. That’s tough alright! Goat creek?
    11. Moose loop WBC
    12. Evan Thomas fire road/ wedge connector
    13. Pocaterra trail near Rolly road junction
    14. Lookout trail north side PLPP

  5. 1. Moraine lake road
    2 Elk Pass / Fox creek
    4 Elk Pass / Bottom of Hydroline
    7 Ribbon creek
    8 Tywhitt
    9 Bill Milne
    11 Moose loop
    12 Wedge Connector / Evan Thomas
    13 Aspen

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