What % of xc skiers use cannabis?

Probably the only thing on which I agree with Trudeau is the legalization of marijuana, but I hope I don’t have to smell cannabis smoke while climbing the big hill on Moraine Lake road this winter, or using other products like kushiebites which also help with this. The rules are, however, that, starting tomorrow, smoking marijuana is legal on trails in the national parks.

Some hotels may permit cannabis in smoking-authorised bedrooms, and some private lodgings, eg on airbnb, advertise “420-friendly” rooms – named for the American pot-smokers slang, and there are providers online which help with this, and you can find the Peak Four Twenty Cannabis pricing at this site right here.

You can smoke pot in Banff National Park campsites and on trails — but not in the town itself”

I could be wrong, but I doubt if this post will be relevant to more than a tiny percentage of my readers. 

Because marijuana can affect people in different ways, especially when considering the different forms and types of consumption, it is hard to generalize what the experience of skiing while high looks like. Some will stand by it, claiming that skiing under the influence puts you as close as you can get to flying. Couple that with the unbelievable views from the lift and the mountain, and you could have a pretty surreal experience.

However, using marijuana impairs judgement and motor function in a lot of cases, making high skiing more dangerous for you and for others on the hill. Since it can also function as a depressant, there is a chance use may lead to quick fatigue, tiredness and dehydration on the mountain, which both cuts the day short and makes you more prone to accidents.

Really, it’s all about knowing your skills and your body; you want to have the best time possible, but don’t hurt yourself on the mountain just because you’re trying to get the full “Colorado experience.” Also keep in mind that while you and others may really enjoy combining carving and cannabis at the point at using CBD joints got online, there are other people on the mountain just trying to have a good time without the drug.

I tried it once but that’s the extent of my experience with weed. I may have to revisit this, however, because read more about medical properties of cbd oil here and learned it can ease the aches and pains which come with old age. 🙂  🙂  🙂 Quite a few CBD brands are now selling products specially made for pets, like dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, etc. Some brands have grown entirely by selling cbd dog treats. CBD treats for dogs are calming and relaxing, without causing drowsiness.


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  1. For those interested, check the closure/bulletin page for BNP (a link in the trail report page). they have instituted a restricted activity order surrounding the hot springs, for no cannabis smoking/vaping, to facilitate safety and improved visitor experience. It must be a hot pot spot.

  2. I wouldn’t expect to experience any notable change of use in the backcountry. Car camping sites might be a challenge on long weekends when alcohol Is banned. Likley more “infractions” initially than when it was illegal? Be interesting to see how things are enforced in the parks. Ski resorts are probably working on an updated liability statement for the season opening. Snow couches might be more popular. (-; No issues where I was hiking today in BNP. The celebration must have happened elsewhere.

  3. This comment(which came via email) was submitted by a reader who wished to remain anonymous:

    Tomorrow and going forward won’t change anything for me. I’ve been a cannabis consumer for over 30 years. Most people I know are oblivious. I’m extremely discreet and try to ensure that it stays that way. It has helped me with depression, anxiety, sore joints (pardon the pun) and is very effective helping me get a good night’s sleep.

    I have partaken mid-ski a number of times, but not all the time. A lot less in recent years. When I have, it’s always been off-trail, and never around kids. Because of my long-term use and tolerance, I don’t feel impaired unless I consume an edible, which I’ve only ever done at home. I’m very responsible and would never put myself or others at risk. Having said that, I’ve actually been planning on starting a specialized gourmet cookie bakery for the past 18 months and already have many of the pieces in place. Could make the Cookie Race a lot more interesting!

  4. Being active in the outdoors is my high. I hope that we don’t need to smell it everywhere we go when enjoying our hikes and skiing.

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