Fantastic early-season conditions on MLR

When you see Mt Temple, you have skied 7.2K on Moraine Lake road

After a busy holiday weekend I didn’t have high expectations for Moraine Lake road but to my surprise the ski conditions were wonderful. I made it to the 7.2K curve where the imposing sight of Mount Temple comes into view. 

Adam was enjoying the great conditions in the skate lane

The biggest accomplishment for me was climbing the hill(4.3K) without incident. I thought that might be enough for today, but I was feeling motivated with the beautiful weather, good tracks, and nice, cold snow.  

Jonathan and his mom Tracy were enjoying the beautiful day

It’s obvious that MLR has seen a lot of traffic since it was trackset on Saturday morning but the only place where the trail is compromised is, of course, the down tracks on the return. The corners have been washed out, so I didn’t even try to stay in the tracks as I sped downhill. 

Moraine Lake road

The air temperature when I started at 11:47 a.m. was -5°C. I never touched any wax today. I used the VR40(-4/-12) which was already on my skis and it performed well. Glide was terrific. 

This would have been a good day in the dead of winter. To enjoy these conditions in early November is a bonus. This was one of those “Soul-mending rhythm of cross-country skiing” days. 

I didn’t check out the Great Divide, but if you want to know what the conditions were, read the Trip Reort from Paul and Nancy.

I was happy to see the Elk Pass Trip Report from Neil and Nora Hagen.  Speaking of which, you only have three more days to enter the Elk Pass contest. 

Unless I am mistaken, this was Neil and Nora’s first ever trip report. I would like to welcome all our new trip reporters and say once again my oft-repeated mantra that “the trip reports are the life-blood of this blog.” 



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  1. Wow, 42 km/hr! That is fast.

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