Friday Night Update

Kicking Horse River trail in Yoho is trackset from Natural Bridge to Otterhead. From what I can decipher, it also appears that the Tally-Ho trail from Field Info Centre to the Natural Bridge is also trackset.

Clearing trees from the Kicking Horse River trail in Yoho

Marilyn from the Kicking Horse Ski Club posted this morning that Joe and Bruce were out packing and cutting deadfall. From the looks of the photos, they had a lot of trees to clear from the trail before any tracksetting could occur, but after 6 hours of work, it has been accomplished. Expect early-season conditions. 


Desperation for skiable snow is leading skiers into some sketchy situations. The Kananaskis Fire Lookout trail does not sound very safe right now. We’ve had two consecutive days of reports that make it sound scary. Chip says “heinous, chewed up, and bad.” Tanya had this to say “Skiing down the far side of the lookout was terrifying with current snow conditions (a mess of deep crusty snow that’s gone through some freeze melt cycles marked up by posthole boot prints, snowshoe tracks, and frozen ski tracks.)”

Lost and Found

Update: Owner has been found! Tanya found a pair of sunglasses on the Lookout trail yesterday. Contact me if you think they’re yours, and I’ll forward your email to Tanya.

Terrific news that Michelle has reunited the wedding ring which she found on Moraine Lake road with its owner.

No More Hwy 40 Access

It’s been a treat to have the Hwy 40 access to Upper Pocaterra, but the barricade comes down tomorrow at 8 a.m. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

It’s another race weekend at CNC, so the biathlon trails will be closed to the public all day Saturday and Sunday. Limited terrain will be available to the public for skiing. With the cooler temperatures in the forecast, CNC should be able to resume snowmaking. 

The following chart was updated at 6 pm. 

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  1. It shouldn’t take much more than 5 cm to refresh the core trails at WBC. I was out there mountain biking on Wednesday, and observed that the grooming on Crystal, Sundog west and Mountain Road was still well preserved, despite some warm weather.

    Not more than five minutes ago I was speculating about this. I said to Cheryl that I expected the base would still be there, so good to hear! -Bob

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