Loppet registration this Saturday

Finish line at Sawback

The Lake Louise to Banff loppet returns after a one-year hiatus, albeit a shortened version. I suggested to Jo Lunn, the “CEO” of the loppet, that I bet it will be sold out quickly despite the new configuration because it is just so enjoyable. Whether you’re a serious racer or just out for fun, the atmosphere and festivities associated with the loppet are second-to-none. 

Morant’s curve in the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet

Jo sent this announcement:

“Greetings from the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet committee! This is a reminder that the 2019 registration opens this Saturday, Dec 1, at 8 am on Zone4.ca. Please have your demographic information at the ready, including (if appropriate) team member names and phone numbers.”

The 50 km (4 legs) loppet will occur on Sunday, Jan 20, 2019. For full loppet details, please refer to our website Loppet.ca

Pocaterra Hut will open for the season on Dec 4.

I enjoyed reading CHAMPION’S description of his descent on Redearth Creek in the dark. I can picture the sparks flying from his metal edges. 

Skier B has posed an interesting question on tonight’s trip reports. 

“If one were to ski into Elk Lakes Cabin on Friday via the shortcut, what would happen to your car when the winter gate gets closed?”

If the keys were left in the car…

-Throughout the winter, it could be used as an emergency shelter for any skier who gets in trouble on the high elevation trails. 

-It could be used by skiers to quickly access Highwood Pass(at least until the snow gets too deep)

Seriously, I’m guessing that Alberta Parks officials would open the gate and let you out but at their convenience and probably with some cost involved. 

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  1. It’s actually Volker Stevin staff who lock and unlock the gates. We were hoping a car would conveniently be towed to the Elk Pass parking lot ;-).

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