Moraine Lake road

Update 9 pm: According to late-day skiers Barb and Chris, the Great Divide was in the process of being trackset, and Moraine Lake road is scheduled for tracksetting Saturday a.m.

It would appear from the photos that Lake Louise received a bit of new snow overnight. Thanks to Chip Scialfa for the report and photos:

Moraine Lake road parking lot

“Peter Neumann and I headed out to Lake Louise today and found, although not trackset, conditions were remarkably good on the MLR. At the start air temperature at 10:30 was about -5, but seemed warm, I added a layer of VR 45 on top of the VR40 I had put on before leaving the house. Still back-slipping a bit , we both waxed again at the turn by Paradise Creek, anticipating the climb ahead.

Paradise Creek

Just a word or two about etiquette. Walkers, please don’t walk in the tracks, even if they are not machine-made. There’s enough room on the road to walk and avoid making the day less pleasant for skiers.”

After having an unfortunate encounter with an uphill skier, Chip wanted me to remind everyone about the rules. Downhill skiers have the right of way. The Parks Canada brochure, “Winter Trails in the Lake Louise Area” includes the following under the heading of Trail Etiquette: “When climbing, please yield the right of way to descending skiers”

Lost and Found

Found: a black, woman’s medium-sized vest from the BC Cross-Country Ski Team at the junction of MLR and the Fairview Loop trail. Send me an email and I’ll forward your contact info to the finder.


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  1. can you take dogs on the trail?

  2. great divide today
    sking was hit and miss skied in tracks & a couple cms overnight.
    On return – at 12 pm – groomer appeared- packing.
    then Andrew with tracksetter.
    he said he hadn’t expected to trackset trail but was trying..
    this was just 500 meters from trail head. so don’t know
    how it turned out. BUT they were going to try setting
    Moraine in AM tomorrow!!

  3. Best to leave “found” items for 24 hrs, if they are still there the next day then good to pick up and try to find owner. Over the years I have “lost” a few items I left on purpose at various corners only to return an hour or two later to pick it up, only to find a good samaritan, or other, had retrieved it – and I never got it back.

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