More grooming/tracksetting at Lake Louise

Bow River Loop at Lake Louise. Photo from Jan 15, 2018

The trail report indicates the Campground Loop at Lake Louise has been trackset and groomed for skating. The Bow River Loop is groomed. Those trails are dog-friendly.

Update: Chuckley reported new tracksetting on Moraine Lake road today. Helen saw the tracksetters arrive at the Great divide around 2 pm. 

We’ve received lots of positive reports on conditions at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Speaking of which, there is an Alberta Cup at the nordic centre this weekend which will be impacting the trails in the Biathlon Competition area so there will be limited terrain open to the public. If you’re interested in racing, read the race notice which has been posted on Canmore Nordic Ski Club’s website. 

Have you read them?

I’ve read everyone. The comments/entries for the Fischer skis contest  have been extremely enjoyable to read, and I think Dennis said it best:

“Wow! You’ve got a winner here, Bob. No, I don’t mean me, or winning the skis (but I’d love to); I mean this page 

I’ve been tuned in to SkierBob (and SkiHere) pretty much since Day 1; I’ve seen lots of great info and great comments; but every comment on this page resonates with me. So many magical moments. “Yes!” I kept saying to myself as I read up from the bottom of the page to the top. And “Hear, Hear!” or “Oh yeah, you’ve got the bug.” The whole page screams out our love of the sport, the sheer joy, the beauty, the exhilaration, the fun!, the rapture we find in snow and two skinny skis.”

Some of you may not know the inside story of Georgina’s comment. At our final Meet ‘N Greet last winter, Georgina, all in fun, asked if she could have my skin skis if I didn’t wake up from surgery. When I did wake up, I thought she would be disappointed, so it was reassuring to read her comment. 🙂

Moose Mountain Lodging

I’d like to welcome a new advertiser to this blog. Moose Mountain Lodging near Bragg Creek. Owner Neil MacLaine is hoping to attract skiers who come to West Bragg Creek:

“While our primary business is Horseback treks, we have a lodge that sleeps 8 near Bragg Creek that is greatly underused during the winter months. We are hoping to build our winter business with skiers using the trail system in West Bragg Creek. Your website was suggested as a great way to reach cross-country skiers.”

Moose Mountain Lodging

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