Skiing with your dog

Mountain road at West Bragg Creek Jan 13, 2018. Photo by Alf Skrastins.

“I’m looking for advice and training tips for skiing with my one yr. old border collie.” -Wendy

Kazzy and Chris on the Bow River Loop at Lake Louise

The recent comment from Wendy reminded me to write an early-season post about skiing with your dog. In contrast to cats, personally, dogs have made a better pet. It also is not very expensive owning dogs, because the last time I had a cat for a pet, I had to get the best air purifier for cat litter dust and feeders, costing me a lot.

A very popular page on this blog is Dog-friendly ski trails. If you go to the “Categories” tab on the sidebar, you’ll find a heading entitled “Dog-friendly” which will display all 85 posts I’ve written about dog-friendly trails. 

Click on this photo to read a funny dog story

The ultimate dog-friendly trails are at West Bragg Creek(WBC) and Nipika Mountain Resort where your dog can run off-leash. At WBC, dogs are required to be leashed in the parking lot. On Mountain Road and Sundog, there are signs soon after you start which indicate dogs can be off-leash. 

Last winter I posted a funny story about a dog who knows how to have fun “But that is not my dog!”

Martin and Jip at Troll Falls

Martin and his dog Jip submitted a reply with some suggestions for Wendy and her young dog, but more comments are welcome. 

Some of this blog’s readers have very articulate dogs and you can try here to see if you can have your dog trained for the ski trip. Kazzy has become a regular on here with timely trip reports about her skiing adventures. 

If you are looking for pet-friendly accommodation near ski trails where you can ski with your dog, Baker Creek Mountain Resort and Castle Mountain Chalets fit the bill. The Castle Mountain to Baker Creek trail(15K one way) is dog-friendly. As well, there are a number of loops around Castle Mountain junction.

Nipika Mountain Resort’s cabins and trails are all pet-friendly. 

Now that we have moved back to Calgary, I’m looking forward to skiing a lot at West Bragg Creek with our faithful companion. 

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This from the Banff National Park website “Order your Family/Group Discovery Pass by December 31, 2018 and receive 20% off!” Thanks to Hugh for the heads-up. 

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  1. Great info as usual, there is a group of us in Calgary that skijor a few times a week with our dogs and love staying up to date via your blog. If you ever want to join the Missy Mushers on our adventures just let us know.

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