Well-deserved recognition for Alf Skrastins

A big heartfelt thank you to Alf Skrastins for all the work he’s done to improve skiing conditions at West Bragg Creek. 

Representatives from the province and the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Associationcelebrated the grand opening of the West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area this afternoon.

MLA Cam Westhead cuts the ribbon

Knowing Alf, he’ll be modest about his contribution and will also want to recognize all the others who have helped to upgrade the West Bragg Creek trails and rightly so. It’s just that most who read this blog are familiar with Alf because of his many ski reports throughout the winter on this blog, so let’s give him his due.

Alf enjoys skiing but you can often see him with a shovel in hand, too. 

Alf shovels snow onto a ski trail last winter. Photo by Manfred Kintop. 

Today’s celebration centred around the recent $2.5 million facelift which includes the expanded, paved parking lot, the new maintenance compound for storing grooming equipment, and the Watershed Heritage Trail. The celebration also marked the connection of the Bragg Creek hiking trails to the Great Trail, the 24,000-kilometre national trail network.

To read more, CBC has a detailed story West Bragg Creek Trail Network connects to the great trail


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  1. Champion For Real Democracy

    Sweet dude!
    Great leadership by example. There are all sorts of people doing things to make the trails a little better for others to enjoy. I hope Alf inspires more people to upgrade trails and the skiing will be even better.

    Keep on rocking on by burying rocks on trails and snapping off over hanging branches.

  2. Congratulations, Alf!
    I would like to add my voice to the chorus of hearty thanks and appreciation.
    You are such an inspiration, and delightful person too 🙂

  3. Congratulation Alf. Also thank you volunteer groomers for your time and hard work. Last skiing season was excellent.

  4. Thank you Alf for all of your hard work over the years. Congrats on the well-deserved regognition.

  5. Well done, Alf! This is an amazing accomplishment that will be enjoyed by many generations to come. I, and certainly many others, would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and all of the other hardworking volunteers for your incredible efforts in creating this beautiful area for all of us. I can’t think of a better legacy than being part of preserving and enhancing our natural spaces ?. WELL DONE indeed!

  6. Congrats Alf!

  7. Congratulations on the well deserved accolade Alf. Your passion is exemplified by the good works and committed volunteering leadership in Kananaskis over a great many years. Thank you.

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