West Bragg Creek

Tessa and I had a wonderful afternoon on the trails at West Bragg Creek. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I used my Fischer Twin Skins,but I’m pretty sure VR50 would have w orked fine because the snow was still cold.

Mountain road

The air temperature at 1 pm was +1, but best of all, it was cloudy. By the time the sun came out, it was at such a low angle, I don’t think it had any affect on the snow. 

Mountain road

There was not a breath of wind and Tessa didn’t need boots. We met five skiers, one biker, two hikers, and two dogs. 

Snow-laden trees along the Moose Connector

As we’ve heard previously, there are some hazards to watch out for on the thin snow pack, but it’s truly amazing that we can ski at all when you consider how little snow there is. 

Horses are allowed on the ski trails until Nov 30

Horses are allowed on the ski trails until Nov 30, and the riders are taking advantage of that rule. There was evidence of horses on Mountain road including hoof prints which went right through to the ground and of course lots of horse manure. As with other hazards, it was easily avoided. 

We skied Mountain road, turned around and took Moose Connector south to Lower West Crystal. Moose Connector had a few thin spots and I took my skis off for one downhill. 

When I can spend a pleasant afternoon skiing with my precious dog in  such a beautiful place, I consider it a day to be treasured. 

I hope this snow will survive the next two warm days. The weather turns colder on Thursday and some new snow is predicted for Friday night and Saturday in K-Country. The operative phrase right now for a lot of ski trails to come on line is “We need one more snowfall.”

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