Baker Creek to Castle Lookout

-Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. Photo by Chuck.-

I was very happy to see the report from Chuck regarding this wonderful trail between Castle Lookout and Baker Creek.

Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. Photo by Chuck.

“Classic trackset again yesterday. A great place to avoid the crowds during the holidays.

There were quite a few twigs poking through from Baker Creek to Protection Mountain Campground, but the rest was very pleasant.

The trail west of Baker Creek has been trackset, but only for 3 km. Construction work west of that means that the tracksetter is not able to continue to Morant’s Curve. Nice to see that Baker Creek staff are doing what they can for our ski community.”

Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. Photo by Chuck

Skiing along the ridge, looking down, you’ll see the Bow River and railway tracks. In the distance are snow-capped mountains. The most scenic section is 1.1K from Castle Lookout to 3.3K.

In addition to the 10K from Baker to Castle, you can also ski 3K west of Baker Creek Chalets.

Click over to see all Chuck’s photos.  Be careful when you start out from Castle Lookout because the trail takes a steep downhill to the Bow Valley Parkway and it is a challenge to stop before you hit the road. If the snow is plentiful and soft, you can snowplow and stop in time. 

Below is the photo taken by Steve Riggs yesterday on Tyrwhitt:

Jo and John enjoying the fine conditions in the Tyrwhitt meadows on Sunday Dec 23.  Photo by Steve Riggs.

At Lake Louise, they have finally been able to set a track on the lake:

Tracksetting on Lake Louise. Photo by Manfred Kintop.

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