Canmore Nordic Centre

Michelle and Tunde on Banff trail. Also a very happy unknown skier!

With a lack of other venues available for skiing, the Canmore Nordic Centre was incredibly busy today. 

The tracksetting on Banff trail on man-made snow is 2.9K to the meadow. The natural snow beyond is rolled and had 1 cm of fresh snow. I only ventured out 300 metres on the natural snow but it looked skiable albeit bumpy and uneven. 

Some parts of the competition trails(Centennial and Olympic) are now groomed and trackset.

A number of natural-snow trails have been rolled including Banff, Meadowview, Grey Wolf, Silvertip, and Rundle. 

The temperature was zero at 10 a.m. with a stiff wind. I used VR55 and had adequate grip but the sticky wax picked up a lot of debris.

The tracks, as you will see in the photos, had a lot of pine needles. I had a nice 1K downhill run on the return where there was no debris on the inbound tracks. 

The biathlon trails are closed again tomorrow for races. 

I’m impressed with the restaurant at the nordic centre. I enjoy eating there since Cornerstone Catering took over the food service. 

Glad to hear that Kazzy was encouraged to check out Mt Shark after reading my Saturday morning update. It sounded like she had fun.

Thanks to Ulrike and Jezebel, the brave souls who skied Cascade Valley. You may not have had great conditions, but you can take comfort in the fact that you’ll prevent many others from having a difficult day of skiing. Thanks for the reports!

Nipika Mountain Resort. (File photo)

Nipika Mountain Resort is now open for skiing…

“Steve track set the ski trails and is going to groom the fat bike trails next. Ski trails are thin but skiable so please watch for hazards. Hope to see you soon!!”


I’ve noted the discussion about having a carpool page on this site. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope someone will start a forum for this. I will be happy to display a link on my main menu if someone takes the initiative to get it going.

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