Canmore Park is trackset; fatbike news

Canmore Park is trackset

Let me first say that Canmore Park is not in Canmore, it’s in Calgary. It’s right across 19 St NW from Confederation golf course.

Confederation golf course parking lot

These photos were taken this afternoon and the snow was still cold and in good shape. At the west end of Canmore Park, there is a grid of nine excellent tracks and a skating lane. 

The gates to the parking lot at Confederation golf course were open but I don’t know if this is going to be for skiers to use or not. There is a sign that says it’s “For Construction Vehicles Only.” Perhaps someone from Foothills can confirm. 

Maple Ridge update

Why is it so difficult to get unambiguous answers from the city? We still have no definite answer on whether the city plans to end grooming at Maple Ridge golf course. Erika managed to extract a statement from councillor Druh Farrell’s office that “they are not ceasing cross country skiing at Maple Ridge.”

Of course, that wasn’t the question. We first heard from Sarah on Dec 5 in her comment…

“the groomer was advising those who like skiing there to call the city (311) and let them know you want grooming to continue! Apparently it’s on the list of things to cut money from”

I have posed the specific question to my councillor and am still waiting for a reply. 

The first person who can ferret, pry or chisel an unequivocal answer from the city will win the prize. 

Fat bike update

Alberta Parks is allowing access for fatbikes on many snowshoe trails in K-Country. The only two places in PLPP where you should see fatbikes on a ski trail are the steep Hydroline hill where snowshoers use the hill to access the snowshoe trail under the power line, maybe 300 metres or so, and the south side of the big hill on Elk Pass. 


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  1. I’m curious to know what evidence you can provide to support your assertion that “It’s sad to see the rapidly growing division between skiers and fat bikers on this site.”

    I have lots of evidence to the contrary such as this Cascade Valley and Goat Creek. I have been an advocate for creating safe trails for fat bikers. I was instrumental in creating the new configuration on Goat Creek which now provides a safe trail for fat bikers, skiers, and multi-users.

  2. Many snowshoers are using snowshoe trails in PLPP but some of them are still using groomed trails and even on the tracts. Furthermore, they don’t care about skiers.. I was going down the other side of big hill in Elk Pass trails very fast last Saturday, I found 6~7 hikers with snowshoes were walking down with chatting each others, blocking whole trail and so I yelled and shout then only 2 snowshoers stepped aside slowly after they saw me. It was a scary moment.

    • Actually, the south side of the “big hill” on Elk Pass Trail is both a designated XC ski trail and the official snowshoe trail. So, skiers should expect to see snowshoers, hikers and fat-bikers on that part of the trail, as well as on the steep section of the Hydroline trail. There is no signage advising anyone to stay to one side of the trail or another. The best advice is to ski under control and expect to see a variety of users going up and down those hills.

  3. As it stands now, it looks like a fail for AB Parks if this is supposed to give fatbike access to Elk Pass, and beyond to Elk Lakes. Which I know many bikers desire. I’ve yet to see a snowshoer follow the designated route along Hydroline, due to deep trail breaking I guess. To encourage use and avoid the inevitable conflicts- maybe some grooming of the Hydroline portion of the snowshoe/fatbike route is called for.
    Most of the trails listed in the link are snowshoe trails, with the exception of:
    -Bill Milne, Wedge Connector and Evan Thomas trails, which seems reasonable as they are generally wide and easy, and in my experience- not heavily skied.
    -Coal Mine at Ribbon Creek. Have to wonder about this one, as it is a long, fast and curving downhill. Bikers AND skiers will have to be alert! Bikers may need to be reminded of the winter tradition that downhill skiers have the right of way.
    -Mountain Road and Telephone. Deep fatbike ruts could present a safety issue for skiers on the fast downhills of upper east Telephone. It wasn’t an issue last ski season as riders were diligent in staying off to the side, or turning back if things got too deep. And- Telephone received more grooming love last winter than I can ever recall, which might be the best way to avoid issues.

    • Hi Steve,
      Just to clarify the Coalmine fat track is different from the ski trail there is some shared use but only where it is safe to do so.

  4. The snowshoe trail along hydroline is up against the trees on the west side and often not utilized by snowshoers given the easier going on the ski grooming a short distance away. And the rest of the forest meandering snow shoe trail is narrow and deep. The results may be predictable.

    • They’ll quickly lose their privileges so I don’t expect to see them on the ski trails except for the “Fatbike Liberation Front” who ride at night.

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