Christmas day update

MaSid at Kananaskis Fire Lookout…and no wind! 

Lots of interesting trip reports coming in from Christmas day skiers. 

A re-gifted Christmas present from Alberta parks: MaSid informs us that Pocaterra Hut hours have reverted back to the original 8 pm closing time. 

Cat tracks near Castle Lookout. Photo by Rhonda W

Kat reports the Banff Loop at the Canmore Nordic Centre is now open and you can go night skiing under the lights. 

Rhonda W sent a photo of the cat tracks which she took while skiing Castle Lookout to Baker Creek “I skied from Castle Lookout today. First time. Mostly good but it could use another 5-10 cm.”

Lost and Found

If you lost your thermos on the Kananaskis Fire Lookout trail, MaSid has returned it to the Pocaterra Hut. Likewise, a pair of kids blue booties found in a snowbank near the hut.

The photos below are from another trip to the Kananaskis Fire Lookout, this one from Rhonda W…

“I made my first trip up Elk pass and then up Lookout on Sunday, Dec 23. I have to admit I didn’t realize we were ascending to a ‘Fire Lookout’ until halfway up the Lookout trail and I started thinking ‘whoa..this is a good climb’.
At the top we had a mixed view of some blue sky and mountain peaks with clouds over other areas. It was a gorgeous day and worth the effort to reach the mailbox.
And guess who’s name popped out midway down the first page I opened the log to…Bob himself, from 2010, of course.
Merry Christmas and happy snow dancing.”

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