Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, and other trails in PLPP

Couch builder MaSid on Elk Pass

Jody was just finished tracksetting Elk Pass when I arrived around 1:30 pm. Starting at 5 a.m, he also worked on Blueberry Hill, Tyrwhitt, Hydroline and Patterson. Check the PLPP Live Grooming Report for all the details.

Jody puts the final touches on Elk Pass

Fox Creek, Boulton Creek, and Moraine were all groomed(not trackset) by snowmobile today. 

Skiers at the Elk Pass – Hydroline junction

Air temperature had dropped 8 degrees from Kananaskis Village and was -1. The wind was negligible at Elk Pass trailhead although it looked like it was blowing earlier in the day. There is some minor debris on the early grooming. The snow temperature was -3 and I had excellent results using VR50(0/-4).

It took me a long time to get where I was going due to a lot of chatting and picture-taking. A large group of snowshoers was crossing the ski trail as I was climbing the big hill.

Deanna, Candy, and Frances on Elk Pass

The snowshoe/fat bike trail is packed to the first Hydroline junction, about 2K. Thereafter, as it parallels the Hydroline ski trail, it has 40 cm of unpacked snow. When the fat bikers get to the top of the Hydroline hill and see 40 cm of unpacked snow, I wonder what they will do. 🙂 


After arriving at the top of Elk Pass and being greeted with the hikers uneaten food, I proceeded on Tyrwhitt for 2.4K which took me to the first meadow. There are a lot of twigs poking through the snow on Tyrwhitt but it is totally skiable without too much inconvenience. The downhill parts were as enjoyable as ever.

Fox Creek

I avoided all the steep hills on Elk Pass when returning and took Hydroline, Patterson and Fox Creek. Hydroline had a cm of wind-blown snow in the tracks so I skied mostly on the corduroy. Patterson was excellent. Elk Pass from Patterson to Hydroline junction was great; fast but not scary fast. 


Fox Creek, as the trail report states, is reasonably good and was quite a lot of fun going in the downhill direction. A bit thin in a few places and minor tree debris but I had no scratches on my good skis when I finished. 

Pocaterra has been trashed

These vans were in the Pocaterra parking lot

Pocaterra was snowmobile groomed recently, but hikers have ruined it for skiing. Someone who wishes to remain anonymous sent these photos. 

“On the way back I discovered my tracks had been obliterated. And the only other vehicles in the parking lot were those of the ones in the photo.”


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  1. On behalf of Prospect and our Outdoor Pursuits team I’d like to extend our sincere apologies to Alberta Parks and any Parks users who were negatively impacted by our crew on Friday, December 14.
    Prospect groups work throughout the year, all over Kananaskis, to act as stewards to the park; helping to remove invasive weeds, performing garbage clean-ups and working to protect the parks and help make them accessible to all.
    When we headed out to Pocaterra we didn’t see anybody else in the area and didn’t think we’d be interfering with other recreation in the park, so we set off to enjoy a hike. It was not our intention to disrespect the trail or the people who use it, and we unreservedly apologize that our actions inconvenienced others and/or put a damper on their weekend.
    Prospect has worked, and continues to work, to be positive users of, and contributors to, Alberta Parks. Our commitment to the environment and fostering appreciation of the outdoors is well documented. If ever you have questions or concerns about our operations in Kananaskis and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly:

    Mandi Parkin – Outdoor Pursuits Team Lead
    C: 403-835-6076

  2. I would suggest you contact Prospect to let them know about this so on future trips they are better educated on proper etiquette.

    I would be surprised if they are not receptive to this information.

    • I hope someone will contact them. This is their website.

      • Their home page has a couple of photos with the caption “Our Outdoor Pursuits team teaches employment skills in spectacular settings.”. If they were indeed the ones responsible for trashing Pocaterra, it sounds like their Outdoor Pursuits Team are the ones in need of employment skills. 😉

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