Friday morning update

Update: The Banff trail report shows some trails have been packed:

Spray River westside – snowmobile packed 
Spray River eastside – snowmobile packed 
Goat Creek – snowmobile packed 
Cascade Valley from Upper Bankhead to 6 km bridge – snowmobile packed 
Lake Minnewanka trailhead to Upper Bankhead – snowmobile packed 

Regarding this recent snowfall in the mountains, I’m gleaning my information from web cams, road reports, and trip reports. The trip reports are the most valuable, so if anyone has a first-hand account, please let us know.

Will Whiskey Jack be skiable after this recent snowfall? (File photo)

The Mud Lake weather station indicates 23 cm of snow in the past two days. (Mud Lake is across the road from Chester Lake parking lot). That fits in pretty well with Martine’s trip report from Elk Pass where she experienced “close to a foot of new snow.” 

Here’s hoping Tyrwhitt and the lower part of Whiskey Jack will be groomed and skiable now. TZ reported 10+ cm on Whiskey Jack. 

I wonder if any of that snow managed to sneak it’s way north towards Pocaterra. 

It should bode well for snow at Mt Shark.

The lion’s share of this snow fell in Lake Louise and Yoho. DonC’s report from Lake Louise leads me to believe we’ll see some additional trails being groomed including Fairview. I expect we’ll see some trails groomed at Emerald Lake.

Access trail to Hostel loop at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Jeff H.

Will any of the Banff trails have enough snow to commence grooming activity?

The flip side of this coin, wind and warm weather in Calgary and West Bragg Creek, is disastrous for the trails around here. We’ve had some nice early-season skiing at WBC, but that has come crashing down, literally. 

“The Chinook winds were blowing at dangerous intensity today at West Bragg Creek, blowing needles, cones, branches and entire trees onto the trails.” -Alf Skrastins

Canmore Nordic Centre

Banff trail is now open, groomed and trackset, to the warming hut. There are races this weekend and the biathlon trails will be closed as follows:

Biathlon trails will be CLOSED during race days and official training.

      • Friday 14th – Official training – 9am-12pm closure 
      • Saturday 15th – Interval Start Free – All day closure
      • Sunday 16th – Mass Start Classic – All day closure 

Night skiing: Lights are ON for LYNX Trail, not Banff Trail to Meadow – Headlamps recommended 

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  1. FYI, Pocaterra and Kananaskis Village did not get near as much snow as Elk Pass.

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