Giving back: The generous man behind Strathmore grooming

Grooming and tracksetting at Strathmore golf course on April 8, 2018

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is curious about the man with the Pisten-Bully (and lots of other equipment) who grooms and tracksets the Strathmore golf course. I asked Ed Meyer to give us some background on himself and the golf course situation:

“More or less a hobby of mine.

I live on an acreage just East of Langdon and have been making trails in the area fields since 2000.(my farmer neighbors always found it a bit odd until they got hooked on skiing themselves) It’s great to ski from your back door but was quite a bit of preseason prep so when someone at the golf course approached me a few years ago to see if I wanted to do something there I thought it would be a great venue and we are now in the 4th season. We have developed a partnership over the years. They pay for fuel and help out with some preseason prep/mowing and I bring all the gear and the odd volunteer.  My 16 year old son likes to help out as well especially operating the equipment. 

It is something I would be doing anyway and quite gratifying when I get the track just right. Although I have to say when I’m out skiing and see the smiles on people’s faces especially when the sun is out it’s an added bonus…”

Ed is the owner of Able Demolition Services. He provided a few YouTube videos which illustrate some of their work:

MacLeod Trail Travelodge demo

Banff Gondola Heli Drop

Mountain top demo bot htps://

It only costs a measly $5 to ski, so be sure to take some cash with you when you go. 

On behalf of all skiers, thanks for your generosity!


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  1. I bought one of his old groomer snowcats last spring. This year we will be grooming snowmobile trails on the Trans Canadian Snowmobile Trail North of Edmonton between Athabasca and Swan Hills. He is a good guy. Gave us a good deal and included parts and extra oil with the machine as well as helped us load it onto a trailer. Grooming ski trails or snowmoblie trails it all makes for a more enjoyable experience for the user. Thanks for the snowcat ED

  2. Thanks for digging into this story, Bob. It’s a treat to see this more personal side of skiing and one that illustrates the goodwill and enthusiasm of Albertans for the sport.

  3. Having such a great facility at their back door, some enthusiastic parents may want to start a ski club for their kids. Cross Country Alberta can help with guidance, tools and programs.

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