One last chance

Elk Pass was trackset last night.

Mon Dec 31 @ 7:45 a.m.

If you haven’t skied yet this year, today is your last opportunity. Luckily we received reports from almost every location that’s suitable for skiing. Thanks to all the trip reporters!

Go prepared for cold weather. The Weather Network reports -23°C in PLPP this morning with a predicted high of -12. Same for Lake Louise. Hopefully the forecast will be correct about “mainly sunny and light wind.”


PLPP: “Good cruising snow.” Most debris from the recent wind has been covered by 6 cm of new snow. The south end trails were trackset last night. Descending Packers is still risky. 

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake road, the Great Divide, Upper Telemark and Peyto were trackset yesterday. Fresh snow on trails which haven’t been groomed. 

Pipestone: More fresh snow but groomers were out in the late afternoon. 

Mt Shark: 10 cm of fresh snow.

Redearth Creek: Caution advised on first 1-2K when descending due to occasional rocks. “Rest of trail was great with fast tracks.”

Cascade Valley: Good conditions with fresh snow on old grooming to the 6K bridge. 

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek: I can’t tell from Stephanie’s report if she skied east or west from Castle Lookout. In any event, it sounds like there’s fresh snow on the trails.  

Canmore Nordic Centre: No trip reports, but you can be assured of excellent conditions on the Banff Loop on the man-made snow. 

Emerald Lake: Tree Hugger, Alluvial Fan, and Horse Trail have been recently trackset. 

Nipika update at 12 noon: “Trails are in amazing condition and the sun is shining bright. Temperatures are currently -16 with a expected high of -10. A beautiful last day of 2018.”

Lost and Found:

Alaric thinks he lost his glasses on Moraine Lake road. “I think my prescription eye glasses fell out of my pocket – black rims, Oakley brand. If you see them please let me know!”

December 30th – “Found at the upper Boulton Creek parking area a pair of heavy winter gloves. You left them on my car. They at the PLPP Visitor Centre to be picked up.”


This blog reached peak readership for the season yesterday with 11,096 unique visits. The all-time record for a single day was last year, Nov 26, 2017, with 18,768 visits. I’m sure you all remember what the topic was that day. 

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  1. Thermos and kids booties still on the lost and found counter at pocaterra hut. Along with a black Nintendo type unit that’s been there for a few weeks.

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