Saturday morning update

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Web cams are showing snow on the highway west of Banff, heavier towards Lake Louise. 

Lots of grooming and tracksetting occurred in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park last night. The map at the side shows which trails were worked on(dark green was last night; light green was on the 26th). 

For more details, check the trail report on the Live Grooming Report.

The high for PLPP today is -2°C with snow flurries this afternoon. Forecasts are predicting 2-10 cm in the next 24 hours. ( cm; Weather Network=5cm; cm; cm)

According to Lanny’s report it was already snowing in Lake Louise last night.

Redearth Creek on Dec 24. 

Tracksetting at Lake Louise yesterday included Fairview, Tramline, and the Lake Louise loop. All trails will undoubtedly have new snow in the tracks. 

The high for Lake Louise today is -4 with snow flurries this afternoon. A snowfall warning is in effect. Forecasts are predicting 8-12 cm in the next 24 hours. 

Redearth Creek was trackset earlier this week and from all reports is still in good shape. Chris and Karl saw an occasional rock near the beginning of the trail. 

Cascade Valley on Dec 28. Photo by Chuck.

Cascade Valley was groomed on the 21st, and appears to be quite skiable. Chuck left a trip report yesterday with excellent photos of the conditions.

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek has been trackset and most likel;y has some fresh snow. The trail is also trackset from Castle Lookout to Castle Junction. 

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