Sunday night update

Haywood Noram World Jr/U23 trials in Canmore. Photos by Chuck. 

Thanks for all the trip reports and photos today. I’ve added a “Groomer’s Report” from the Heritage Guides at Lake Louise. It sounds like Fairview is on the verge of being trackset. One more snowfall required. 

Lots of fresh snow at Yoho Valley Road today. Photo by Peter Neumann.

I would have enjoyed watching Ray attempting to keep up with the dogsleds. Chuck and Jeannette were cheering on the racers at the Noram World Jr/U23 trials in Canmore and have some photos to share. You can see the full results on Zone 4. 

East Sundog, near the junction with east Crystal Line at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs.

I’ll mention once again that a Facebook group has been created by Louise for anyone who wants to organize car pooling. Cross Country Skiing YYC. I see she has already added 37 members to the group today.

If you missed it, Nipika Mountain Resort has been trackset but with early-season conditions. 

Steve Riggs was biking at West Bragg Creek today and sent this remark “Surprisingly- I saw people skiing near the trailhead, despite the bulletproof conditions!  The same bulletproof conditions made for great biking on studded 2.3 tires, with at least as much dry dirt as ice or snow.”

Click for larger image.

Sad to see the snow disappearing at WBC, and there’s not much in the forecast. I’m posting the latest snowfall predictions from for a number of trails. If it materializes, the trails in Yoho and Emerald Lake will be getting 30 cm. 

My skis were sitting on the trail as the snowcat approached.

Did you notice anything interesting about this photo where Jody was coming into the Elk Pass trailhead with the snowcat? Yes, those are my skis and poles sitting there, waiting to get munched by the tiller. When I saw the snowcat arriving, I thought I’d be helpful and move the “No Parking” sign off to the side so he didn’t have to get out of the cab. I totally forgot about my skis, so thankfully Jody noticed them and stopped to let me rescue them. 


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  1. Congrats to all of the kids (big and small) who were in the races and who made it to the podium. And also congrats to all of the local Bow Valley kids who earned spots on the Junior and U-23 teams. Cross Country Canada should be announcing who they are soon.

    Great photos Chuck.

    There are more pictures and some video coverage at:

  2. That site is becoming one of my favourites. It allows you to pick the European model which is the most respected overall but hard to get for free. It also has the two US models that seem to work better for precip in BC and along the Divide than the Canadian forecasts.

    This is my other fave using US models:

  3. Rt Click or Lt Click ???

    That Windy forecast chart is great for us digitally challenged folks !!!
    Hope you do that often.
    Thanks Bob

  4. In case it’s not clear in my photo- those brown areas are all pine needles. This scene was common to most of the ski trails that I crossed over. The only good news is that the base seems to be holding up, for now…

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