This is unacceptable

Food dumped by hikers returning from ACC hut at Elk Lakes. This is the junction of Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, Hydroline.

The miscreants returning from the Alpine Club of Canada hut at Elk Lakes dumped their uneaten food on the picnic table at the Elk Pass – Tyrwhitt – Hydroline junction. MaSid was there and saw them do it. I’ve included his report on this incident below.

“Went up to elk pass proper after that. Arrived at the picnic table to a mayhem of packs, poles, sleds, people and other human detritus. It was the walking hut group with the sleds coming home (somebody reported their ruinous track crushing the other day on their way in). In the middle of the picnic table was their dump of left over meals. Probably two pounds of rice and whatever, apparently “left for the birds”. Despite advising not a good idea at all, carry out your garbage, pointing to the sign clearly riveted to the table top inches away, they weren’t buying what I was selling and sauntered off down hydroline, but keeping to the side at least. Terrible understanding of our Mountain environment. I gleaned that English was not their first language. But no excuse for that activity. If I had a large zip lock freezer bag I would have packed it up and carried it to the furthest party member down hydroline and made them stuff it in the pack (or the GD sled! Which didn’t have an empty keg by the way). So if somebody is heading to elk pass tomorrow, bring a large freezer bag and scoop that crap up before wolves or cats get to it and start hanging around picnic tables in winter. If it’s someone from Canmore, drop it off at the ACC headquarters as a “lost item” by the Eastern European party of about 4 or five people.”

My update will be quite late, so for those of you who go to bed early, I’m posting a couple photos from today. 

This photo is very typical of the conditions on Tyrwhitt which is partially trackset. Despite a few twigs, it was very enjoyable. 

Elk Pass


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  1. So where was this group travelling from.

    They spent the night at the Elk Lakes cabin and were returning to the Elk Pass trailhead. -Bob

  2. Disappointing. For ACC not to have policy is surprising. Hopeful this is an isolated incident these days.

    • I’m not sure it’s on the ACC to be directing how people behave outside of the hut. People who leave food out and trash ski trails are simply uneducated and really haven’t a clue or simply don’t care about how to behave. The messaging exist in so many places for those who want to know for those that choose not to there are mechanisms for that too.

  3. We ran into Bob and saw this food too – unbelievable! It was just after 3pm when we headed back down Elk Pass with great conditions. Then we came across this group about ½ km from the parking lot. They walked all over the grooming that had just been completed for about 1km. All their boot prints destroying the trail. I stopped to speak to a member of the group and tell them they aren’t supposed to walk on the trail and I was told to “mind my own business”. I said this was my business because it is a safety issue. She was extremely rude. Then I told her there was a skier behind me and to take her sled off the track (as to not cause an accident). Again she told me off. As it turns out, my husband did wipe out on the downhill. Probably got his ski caught in a boot print. Destroyed his ski! I’ve never in 30 years of skiing seen a ski blow out like that or met rude people like that. I’m furious with this group, their arrogance and disregard. I will be phoning the ACC today. User groups like this should not be permitted to make future bookings.

  4. So unfortunate that users decide this is acceptable. Masid ACC makes it on there site and when booking to pack all garbage out.

    This should be given to AB parks, they will fine people with enough evidence. A Canmore resident was fine doe have her dogs off leash (one chased a bear) others happened to film it. AMD they were identified and later fined.

    If we want to keep nature natural, we will all have to do our part.

  5. The immediate issue is to remove the garbage. I’ll take it out Sunday if it’s still there and drop it off at the Canmore office. The least they can do is request more of their guests.

  6. Definitely report to the ACC, but unfortunately they do not issue bans from booking their huts or penalties for this kind of behaviour, unless they’ve updated their policies. We stayed at Asulkan a few summers back. The people leaving did not pay for their entire stay and they left bags of food, which we all carried out so it wouldn’t be left at the hut. We reported the incident and the ACC advised me they don’t have any penalties or bans.

  7. I’m hoping Conservation Officers in K-Country will track them down and charge them.

  8. I have no words.

  9. I agree with Barb, the ACC should be advised of this, hopefully they will contact the people at the very least, and they should be blacklisted from using the huts again!

  10. this should be reported to the ACC ! They would be able to identify the group by the booking and Hopefully do some “education”.
    Ideal by the first hand observer.
    just an idea.

    • If someone could please post the exact night that they would’ve stayed at the ACC hut…thank you

      • Went in to hut on the 13th (complaints from a trip reporter that day from group walking in ski track), stayed at the hut that night, and came out on the 14th in the afternoon, arriving back at elk pass about 130/2 where they dumped their garbage. More reports of them walking in tracks again that afternoon.

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