Wed morning update; Nice to have choices

Upper Pocaterra between Tyrwhitt and Packers has been trackset. This photo of Charlie and Janice, near the Whiskey Jack junction,  is from March 2017

When I go skiing later today, it will be the fourth venue I’ve visited within the past week. Lake Louise, Elk Pass, West Bragg Creek, and now Confed. There are a few others still on the list, Strathmore, Canmore Nordic Centre, and Kicking Horse river. Maybe even Upper Pocaterra?

Banff trail loop at the Canmore Nordic Centre should be open for skiing soon. File photo.

With Confed on the agenda for today, I was happy to read Stephen Vermeulen’s trip report from last night. I guess they knew I was coming. Thanks to the Calgary Nordic Alliance volunteers for your hard work. 

Calgary received a dusting of new snow overnight. 

With this cold weather, Canmore Nordic Centre will be making lots of snow and we might see some additional terrain opening up soon. 

If you start at Elk Pass trailhead, and ski to the top, then brave the poor conditions on Tyrwhitt, you will be rewarded with tracksetting on Upper Pocaterra for about 3.4K from Tyrwhitt jct to Packers jct, a wonderful stretch of trail. That would be a 28K return trip.

Whiskey jack would be a shortcut to Upper Pocaterra but is not recommended for skiing yet. The trail report warns “the hill below the snowcat grooming is quite rocky and the base generally thins towards the bottom.” 

In the above photo, I’m not sure why Charlie would be in the left-hand track. He has no chance of passing Janice!

We’ve given out one prize in the Elk Pass contest, but there is another one to be awarded and I will get someone to make the draw while skiing at Confed this afternoon. 

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  1. Hi Bob,
    The World Junior trials and Nor Am XC races have been relocated to the Canmore Nordic Centre for December 13-16 because Whistler doesn’t have enough snow. There will likely be limitations on the trails available to the public during the race events.
    In the meantime, the snowmaking is full on!

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