Good news for Hardy…and everyone else

Goat Creek. Photo from Feb 2018.

In this winter of little snowfall, we haven’t been able to give much good news. I received this email last week from Hardy in Manitoba…

“We are planning to ski the goat creek early next week …coming from winnipeg…any news about conditions there? Thank you for your efforts … have been very helpful in the past ….great website!”

Hardy will be pleased to know there was some fresh snow on Goat Creek yesterday and it was trackset today along with Spray River West. Spray River East was also trackset but is reported in poor/fair condition. 

West Bragg Creek is back in business, at least on the core trails. Plenty of packing and grooming there. Read Jane’s trip report for more details, and check the Live Grooming Report for specifics on which trails were groomed. 

Kananaskis Village received 8-10 cm and most of the village trails were trackset today(south end of Kovach was not groomed and I assume is still not recommended)…

“Trails groomed and trackset are in fair condition. Expect patches of dirt or tree debris. Lower trails have 5 cm of new snow over a limited base and should be skied with caution.”

MaSid encountered 5-8 cm in PLPP

In Lake Louise, Tracksetting occurred on the Lake trail(#4), Upper Telemark and Peyto(#5 & #7), and the teaching grid. Watch out for two fallen trees if you’re heading downhill from the middle parking lot towards the chateau/lake.  

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