Lake Louise

I skied the Pipestone trails at Lake Louise today, and all was excellent except for a few pine needles, but they weren’t sticking in my wax. Spent some time in the sun at MaSid’s couch on the Pipestone River. 

Spectacular day at Pipestone

I was thrilled to see the groomers had actually groomed the short access trail to the edge of the river which takes you to the couch. 

To handle busy traffic to the couch, there are now two trails on the river, one for coming and one for going. 

Dalibor and Eva weren’t aware of the couch, so were thrilled to discover it and pose for photos. 

Perfect weather and beautiful scenery on the Pipestone trails

I later drove up to the chateau and skied to the end of the lake on “Lake Louise #4” and it was in pretty good shape. The trail report mentions some icy sections but they were inconsequential.

I also spent some time looking at the impressive ice sculptures. 

Double lane highway to the couch

While on the lake trail, Dawn stopped me to ask about the loop on the lake. Well, no such thing exists but I understand the confusion. At the end of the lake you can climb a small hill(on foot) and return on the Lakeshore trail which meanders through the forest. 

Amazing temperature differences. It was -2 at Pipestone and -11 at the lake. I had good grip at Pipestone with VR45(-2/-8) and as I already mentioned, not one of the gazillions of pine needles stuck in my wax. 

Heritage Guides tracksetter Jeff

I’m glad I ran into Heritage Guides tracksetter Jeff at the boathouse. I mentioned that I hadn’t been getting any groomer’s reports. He fixed it immediately and here is today’s update…

Dawn on Lake Louise #4

Here is an update of the winter trail network that surrounds the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Fairview Loop (#2): Double trackset, Jan. 24. Good condition.

Shoreline (#4): Double trackset, Jan. 21. Good condition.

Ice Magic

Dalibor and Eva at MaSid’s Pipestone river couch

Lake Trail (#4): Double trackset ski trail with a separate walking path, Jan. 21. Fair condition. The ski trail has several very rough icy portions that will require more snow to make perfect. The track now meanders around the exposed icy areas making it easier for skiers. Beginners should use extra caution where there is no track or lack there of. The walking trail has frozen well, boots are still recommended.

Upper Telemark and Peyto Trails (#5&#7): Double trackset, Jan. 23. Good condition.

Teaching Grid: 8 Lanes, Jan. 22. Fair condition.

I drove over to the Lake O’Hara trailhead. No new tracksetting on Lake O’Hara fire road. There’s fresh snow on the trail with skier-set tracks. Today’s tracksetting on the Great Divide looked wonderful. 

Chuck has some neat bird pictures on his trip report to the elk trap.

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  1. bob
    i also skied the pipestone today- it was -14 at
    10 am but so sunny it felt fine. best tracks yet.
    There were resent wolverine tracks from the trail down
    down to the trail to the couch!

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