Lake O’Hara is trackset

Lake O’Hara fire road is trackset

Lake O’Hara fire road

As I was speculating this morning, Lake O’Hara fire road was trackset today. I didn’t ski it, but I stopped on my way home from Emerald Lake and took the photos. The temperature at 5 pm was -3°C. It looked enticing. 

Redearth Creek in Banff National Park was trackset today. Conditions should be good. I hope someone will ski it and let us know if it is trackset to the end, or to the campground, or to the 9K point. 

If you’re skiing Pipestone, there is a little more couch space available on the Pipestone river. MaSid sent the below photo of the twin couches. 

MaSid’s twin couches on the Pipestone river.

With Ice Magic still on at Lake Louise, it will be crazy busy in the townsite and up at the lake. 

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