Snow updates

Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village trails received 8 cm

Thanks for all the trip reports! I will have a very late report on my skiing adventures today. In the mean time, here’s some “snowy” news. 

I received the above photo and this welcome news from Ribbon Creek tracksetter Jeff:

“Nice little 8 Cm burst at Ribbon today. Trails are still very thin  but there may be a skiing light at the end of the tunnel around the Village.”

Yoho – Emerald Lake update from Marilyn at Kicking Horse Ski Club:

“Now that is a BIG SNOW DUMP the last 2 days!!   Joe did manage to pack and make a trail at Emerald today! Horse trail, Tree Hugger and Fan are done–but not the most  perfect track . Parking is an issue also–and then there’s the Avalanche situation to be very weary of !  Lake is super slushy–stay off it!   Not the best report but….Boy–we got the snow!!!!!!    Enjoy the weekend.  Clear off the benches if you get out there! Do what you can.”

The trail report for Lake Louise: “83 cm of fresh snow in past few days.”

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