Family day fun

With the bright sun shining down and temperatures of -8°C, it was nice enough to sit outside and drink tea alongside the ski trails at West Bragg Creek today.

Iron Springs was beautiful in the sunshine

That’s what MaSid was doing when I encountered him at the Elbow – Iron Springs picnic table. We then skied together on that beautiful stretch of Iron Springs where it’s rare to have such wonderful conditions. 

MaSid at the Iron Springs – Elbow connector

Lots of smiling faces, happy dogs, and skiers saying hi. On last night’s post I said that conditions were wonderful everywhere, hoping not everyone would go to WBC and fill up the parking lot. When I arrived at 1 pm, it looked pretty full but a few people were already leaving so I got a spot close to the trails centre. 

Iron Springs. It was Peter’s first time at West Bragg Creek but I’m pretty sure he’ll be back. 

I can’t say enough good about the trail conditions. For having been trackset this morning, I thought the tracks were quite firm and fast. I had no trouble striding up hills with VR30(-10/-30) for grip.

Lots of smiles at West Bragg Creek today

The trails were well-loved today but the tracks were still in nice shape except maybe for Mountain Road which was starting to get a little washed out after a thousand skiers. 

I can sure appreciate the new bridges which were installed over the summer. We now have fewer ice flows to deal with. The Sundog bridge made a remarkable improvement to the trail. It’s much safer and easier to negotiate that steep hill now, especially with no ice to worry about. 


This coming week will be one of the best this winter for xc skiing. Take advantage of these wonderful conditions while you can.

When you go to West Bragg Creek, don’t forget to make a donation. 

Lost and Found

Found, thanks George!  I expect we’ll see a lot of skiers on Wedge Connector tomorrow looking for Helen’s silk scarf(considering the appetizing reward she’s offered).

Janice and Pat found a Garmin(with initials) on Tyrwhitt. Contact the PLPP Discovery Centre. 

Trevor: “My wife lost a black Fitbit Alta on Terrace today on the way down from Kananaskis Village to the Ribbon Creek parking lot – probably on the hill somewhere.”

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