Follow the snowcat

Tracksetters Alex and Jeff at Ribbon Creek parking lot

Monday 2:21 pm: The big red cat has left its lair near Kananaskis Village and is on the loose. For anyone who wants to see Live Grooming in action, the Ribbon Creek tracksetter is on the trails right now. Coal Mine was the trail most recently groomed. When he returns down Coal Mine, where will he go next? 

2:51 pm: Now on Hidden.

3:23 pm: Heading east on Bill Milne.

4:00 pm: Heading south towards village on Bill Milne.


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  1. Got it. I think I see what you mean now. It’s not like an Uber app where you see the car moving lol…

  2. I was recently in Norway on a ski trip. All the grooming there is funded by the government as skiing is an integral part of their culture. They have a fabulous app that lets you navigate all these trail systems using GPS to find your position. Extremely helpful as the signage is confusing at the best of times! All grooming machines are set up with GPS throughout the whole country. Check out this link. Every colored dot is a trail system that will keep any of us very happy for many, many hours! I have been to Norway twice and this map continues to blow my mind! What a place?

  3. Do you need to have an account? I saw some blue line, was that it?

    • No account is necessary. The snowcat creates a green line as it moves along the trails. There must be something lacking on your computer. When you open up the Live Grooming Report, it should look like this. (Also displayed will be a list of trails and the date they were groomed).

  4. Or better yet, plug in the joy stick and drive it.

  5. For a more “live” experience, open the menu at the top right corner of the map and select “Raw Grooming”!

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