Interesting experiment

Yesterday, Peter and I noticed something different about the grooming on the Bill Milne trail. You can see the flat part about 2 feet wide in the middle of the corduroy. I speculated that it was for fat bikes. Tracksetter Jeff gives the official explanation…

“It’s a bit of an experiment. I think the reason people walk on the tracks is because they are the firmest part of the trail in certain conditions. For shared trails we are trying to make a firmer platform for both bikes and hikers. The thin line gives the illusion of a single track. So far it’s a bit of a mixed result. People trying to be courteous are walking beside the pan. Fat bikers have yet to discover it.”

This special path is also on Terrace trail which gets walked on a lot. 

Yesterday, all the trails at Mt Shark were groomed and trackset. The snow started falling around 1:30 a.m….

“Though not all the green lines are on the map, all trails were groomed and trackset at Mt Shark on Feb 13th and 14th (a little in to the 15th). Light snow started falling in the Mt Shark area around 1:30AM, about an hour before the grooming was completed.”

Lake O’Hara fire road was trackset yesterday.

Brewster Creek was trackset this morning.

Pipestone trails at Lake Louise were trackset this morning. 

Canmore Nordic Centre today(Friday). Photo by Rhonda W

Canmore Nordic Centre: Lots of tracksetting on the secondary trails this morning. 

Nipika trail report from Feb 14: All trails have been groomed and are in great condition. 

At 1 pm, Mud Lake weather station(near Chester Lake) shows -2.6°C. The Nakiska snow plot cam is at -5. Does anyone know the elevation of the the snow plot?

I received about 1 cm of new snow overnight in Calgary. 

The Nordic Yoho Challenge goes this Sunday. If you plan on participating, please contact Jessica so they can have enough treats on hand for everyone. This would be a good time to remind skiers that your KHSC membership supports grooming of the trails in Yoho. 


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  1. Suggestion: if you see one of those trails, start walking on it to prime the pump, so to speak.

  2. This is for the next level of stupidity;
    skidoo first and chuck wagon next, don’t expect any development for skiers, classic or skating, these trails will be dedicated to anything except x country skiing and if anybody wants to propose a dedicated trail system for everything but the kitchen sink, please come forward, it will be very interesting to find out how everything can be piled up on the same infrastructures.
    Just one reminder: If by any chance there will be an encounter with some disrespectful or non observant of the obvious rules, based on common sense, please smile like donkey, just to encourage the endless flux of idiots who destroy what the taxpayer’s pays for, including those who don’t ski.

  3. What about skate skiers? We do ski in the middle on the corduroy and avoid the classical tracks?

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