Monday morning update

I was surprised to wake up to 2-3 cm of new snow on my driveway in Calgary this morning. I hope the golf courses and West Bragg Creek received it also. 

The only grooming I have to report from yesterday is Upper Telemark and Peyto at Lake Louise. The Heritage Guides at Lake Louise have been out tracksetting every day in this cold weather. 

Can you see the snowshoe hare in this photo? Click for a larger image.

It’s rare to see a snowshoe hare when skiing although we see gazillions of tracks in the snow. I was startled by one the other day when skiing up Skogan Pass. It sprang up at the side of the trail as I passed by. If it hadn’t moved, I would never have known it was there. 

It hopped off a few metres and I could clearly see it in the deep snow and it sat there long enough for me to get my camera out and take a picture. After taking the photo, it was still sitting there. When I looked at the photos that night, I couldn’t see it. After enlarging the photo, and studying it carefully, I spotted the hare. Can you see it?

The Nordic Yoho Challenge goes this Sunday. If you plan on participating, please contact Jessica so they can have enough treats on hand for everyone.

Katharine Armitage-Amundson in 2013

Katharine Armitage-Amundson was a fellow competitor in many ski races in which I participated years ago. I was saddened to learn that she had ALS. I received this email from her husband Jon Amundson:

“Many in the cross country ski community knew that Katharine (Kat) Armitage-Amundson suffered from ALS. Kat was a determined competitor and so elected to ‘beat’ this terminal disease to the finish line on February 8th through the dignity of MAID.

For those who would honour her memory, donations to Beckie Scott’s Spirit North or the Greater Bragg Creek Ski Trails would be in keeping with her wishes.”

Spirit North –

Spirit North connects, empowers, and inspires Indigenous children and youth. Together with our partners, we help communities to move from introductory cross-country ski days to community-led, sustainable programs that promote lifelong well-being. Founded by Beckie Scott in 2009.

Greater Bragg Creek Ski Trails –

The GBCTA is a purely volunteer group of Bragg Creek residents that are working hard to design, build and maintain trails and pathways for the benefit of residents and visitors of Bragg Creek.

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  1. As one of the principle GBCTA volunteers/groomers I frequently had the privilege to meet Kat on the WBC trails and chat about skiing, nature,dogs, life…She told me about her illness and how she was coping by focusing on time with loved ones while embracing the joy of life and nature. Even though our encounters were brief I was often profoundly moved by her unshakeable spirit and refusal to embrace self pity.

    Despite my knowing her only fleetingly I can say without a doubt she was an inspiration to me and I am certain to many others.

    A beautiful , dignified woman and an exceptional life that touched many with great love.

    Dr David Cebuliak GBCTA

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