Monday night update

Photo from Travelmotmot on Instagram. Location unknown.

I wasn’t expecting any trip reports today. It didn’t get above -25 in Calgary and I don’t think the mountains were much better. Thanks to Jeffrey Hickaway for sending the above photo. 

Tracksetter Alex on the Bill Milne trail. Photo from Feb 2018. 

The cold weather hasn’t stopped the tracksetters. Lots of grooming and tracksetting has been completed on the Ribbon Creek – Bill Milne – Wedge trails today, and Jeff or Alex is still at it as I write this at 7:30 pm. On the Live Grooming Report, I see the snowcat just finished the Wedge Connector. 

Update Feb 5: The Evan-Thomas, Wedge, Bill Milne 7K loop is now groomed and trackset. That might be a nice one-hour ski on a cold day.

Feb 5 PLPP Update: The trails on the west side of the road(Lodgepole, Braille, Sinclair) were trackset last night.

Bill Milne trail. Photo from Feb 2018.

Temperatures at Kananaksis Village/Ribbon Creek tomorrow from the Weather Network are predicted to be -16 with sunny skies. Wind chill -22. Wednesday’s -12 with sun will feel like a tropical paradise. 

In Banff, Cascade Valley was trackset to the 6K bridge along with Upper Bankhead. Yesterday, Goat Creek and Spray River East and West were done. 

At West Bragg Creek, Sundog and Crystal Line East were trackset today. 

April Tanner is looking for ski photos…

“Hi Everyone! Skierbob has been kind enough to allow me to post this request: I manage the marketing/communications for The City of Calgary Golf Courses and am looking to round up some of your fabulous Hi Res photos you may have of your cross country skiing outings this winter (or last ? ) at our Confederation, Shaganappi Point and Maple Ridge Golf Courses. Skiers in the photos is aok (and welcomed) as long as you can indicate that we have “permission” to use that photo (if there is someone in it.). These photos could be used in our social media, web page, print collateral. Thanks in advance. My email is


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  1. This years Canadian Birkebiener has unfortunately, but wisely been cancelled.

    Cooking Lake – Blackfoot Recreation Area near Camrose was -42 this morning and forcast high -I believe, is below -25 for this Saturday. That’s 1000 ski enthusiasts affected but there is always another trail for another time!

  2. That picture of piste heaven is unmistakably Norwegian!

  3. Thanks for the update Bob. Looking forward to seeing Bill this week.

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