Saturday night update

Helen Read retrieves her scarf from a tree along the Bill Milne trail

Be sure to read Sheila’s trip report. Incredible! We should always have a camera handy for occasions like this. A video of that guy stomping in the ski tracks would have been wonderful to see and may have acted as a deterrent to the next miscreant. 

With most of the PLPP trails being groomed for today’s Cookie Race, there’s a lot of green showing on the PLPP Live Grooming Report. 

The same goes for Canmore Nordic Centre and West Bragg Creek(minus the Cookie Race). Check the Live Grooming Reports for details. 

Goat Creek, Spray River East and West were trackset today. See Chuck’s trip report for pictures and details. Conditions must have been pretty good if Chuck was able to do it in 1:35. Heck, that would even be fast for me! 🙂

Moraine Lake road, Great Divide, and Fairview were trackset at Lake Louise today.

Speaking of cookies, I was thrilled to hear that Helen has her scarf back. George, who found the scarf, and tied it to a tree, will be the lucky recipient of Helen’s tasty cookies. 

For anyone who participated in today’s Cookie Race, we’d like to get a race/conditions report. I’m assuming there was some fresh snow in the tracks to slow everyone down. Cookie Race Results


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  1. The cookie race was great today with good snow conditions. The sun came out and it was lovely in the trees away from the wind. However, there was a significant amount of traffic so some of the tracks are a bit chopped up and the downhills are plowed hard and in some areas are a little bit icy. But overall still very good.

  2. Helen … So happy to hear you recovered your scarf. You have good karma!
    I’m sure the cookies were appreciated.

  3. To be clear, the 1:35 was just the time for the return trip (mainly downhill) after our ascent from Banff to the Goat Creek trailhead.

    Just? Chuck, you’re too modest. -Bob

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