Wedge, Bill Milne, and Terrace

Lorenzo and Peter on the Bill Milne trail as it leaves Wedge Pond

It’s the first day in weeks where it’s been mild enough to take Tessa for a ski. Her favourite trail is Wedge Connector so we went there for a pleasant ski on nice conditions. 

Wedge Connector

There’s about 6-8 cm of new snow on the Wedge and Bill Milne trails. The tracks are still in great shape and were reasonably fast. It’s a different story if you were skating but my friend Peter skated the Bill  Milne trail from Ribbon Creek to Wedge Pond and back. 

Terrace trail

The air and snow temperature were both -6°C at Wedge Pond. Officially, the first 400 metres from Wedge Pond is considered the Bill Milne trail. At the 400 metre junction, you can turn left and continue on Bill Milne all the way to Kananaskis Village. We continued straight on the Wedge Connector for another 2.1K. 

 I also skied on brand new tracksetting on Terrace trail from the village to Ribbon Creek. It was wonderful, especially the final downhill to Ribbon Creek.

It was overcast and trying to snow. Forecasts are predicting 2-3 cm of snow, so I expect there will be a bit of new snow on the trails tomorrow.

Skogan Pass, Skogan Loop, Sunburst, High Level, Hay Meadow, and Ruthie’s were also trackset today.

Ice sculpture at Kananaskis Village. Photo by Peter Neumann

If you start your trip to Skogan Pass from Ribbon Creek parking, take Hidden for the first 500 metres. There’s a new trail which branches off Hidden that takes you to Lower Skogan. This new trail was constructed to avoid the ice flow near the Ribbon Creek parking lot. Be aware there are still two ice flows a little higher up on Lower Skogan. 

Confederation golf course Feb 19 update: “All trails were groomed and trackset last night, except for the green trail which was only groomed for skating.  Conditions are the best they have been all year!  Get out and enjoy!”

Banff National Park: Cascade Valley and Upper Bankhead were trackset today. 

Nipika, Feb 20: Trails are in great condition with everything packed and groomed for classic, skate or fat biking.

Deadline to register for the Cookie Race is tomorrow(Wednesday) at 9:30 pm. 

Congratulations to Helen Read. She chose one of her favourite places, West Elk Meadows, to reach 1000K. I’d hate to tell you how far behind her I am. 

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  1. Congratulations Helen Read! As someone wise said to me the other day: “make tracks, not excuses!” Inspiring accomplishment indeed (and well celebrated!)

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