Wednesday morning update

Hostel Loop at West Bragg Creek. Can you see two deer? Click for a larger image. 

Alf Skrastins submitted the above photo. Can you spot the two deer?

Snow on the way

All the weather forecasts are predicting a significant amount of snowfall starting on Thursday night. is forecasting 12.6 cm for West Bragg Creek, most of it on Friday and a similar amount for Calgary and Ribbon Creek. The ever-optimistic is predicting 25 cm for Ribbon Creek. 

PLPP: Last night’s tracksetting included Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Patterson. Boulton Creek was trackset yesterday by snowmobile. 

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake road and Tramline were trackset yesterday. 

Shaganappi golf course update from Alasdair Ferguson of the Calgary Ski Club:

Hi fellow frustrated XC Skiers – Your first Snow & Trail Report for a while.

WE actually have some strange white stuff on the ground at Shaganappi – I think it is called snow!

But not enough to set tracks yet – Hopefully if the weather forecasts are correct  we may be able to trackset before the long-weekend coming up.

1/ WE packed and preserved the thin snowpack on Saturday. Thanks to 2 CSC volunteers

2/ WE need 15 cm / 6 inches snow depth to set tracks without going all the way through to grass with our tracksetting molds.

This report will be placed on the CSC website as well.

AS I mentioned at the Winter Cities meeting last week

  • All these people who prayed for less snow last year got their wish this year!
  • And I hope that they are suitably embarrassed and ashamed at their prayers being answered this year with the amazing lack of snow!!

Please pray for more snow but not as cold! – Please!


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  1. Just pulled into ribbon creek. Tracksetter just about the do bill Milne. 1inch of fresh in the lot. Sunny, light winds, and frigid.

  2. I am able to see deer number 1 but am unable to find alleged deer number 2. I did see what appeared to be a coyote ambling along the tracks at confederation yesterday though it might have been a space dog. Was unable to get a picture.

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