A beautiful day in the mountains

Quartz Hill. Photo by MaSid.

The above photo goes with MaSid’s trip report. 

Below is a photo by Chuck from Chickadee Valley. You can see an additional 12 photos on Chuck’s trip report.

Chickadee Valley. Photo by Chuck.

Where is your final resting place?

It’s possible that some of my readers may want to spend eternity in these spectacular mountains. The province has announced new guidelines for scattering ashes…

Chuck under the icicles in Chickadee Valley. Photo by Jeannette

Ashes can be spread on provincial government-owned Crown land and waterways, including provincial parks, without official government approval. However, care must be taken to make sure the ashes are not spread near water treatment facilities, intakes or where recreational water activities happen, says the province.

I want to emphasize that Chuck’s photo where he is dangerously under the icicles didn’t have anything to do with me posting the article about a final resting place. 🙂

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