Horse “grooming” at Sandy McNabb

The ski trail at Sandy McNabb after the horses went through. Photo by Larry.

Update Mar 8 @6:35 pm: Most of the north side trails were groomed today. The horse damage should be repaired. Live Grooming Report.

Pine Ridge trail at Sandy McNabb is a hilly, mostly narrow trail with some extremely steep sections. Can you imagine trying to slow yourself down by snowplowing over these big chunks which were kicked up by the horses? 

Destruction of the ski trail grooming by horses on Pine Ridge trail at Sandy McNabb. Photo by Larry.

The photos were taken yesterday(Mar 7) by Larry. Those chunks are probably frozen hard today and it would be suicidal to try snowplowing over them. 

There are designated trails for horseback riders at Sandy McNabb. 

West Bragg Creek signage. Photo by Steve Riggs.

Steve Riggs submitted the photo with the signs which are used at West Bragg Creek. Things seem to be under control at West Bragg Creek with regards to skiers, hikers, bikers, snowshoers, and equestrians. 

Snow and Grooming updates

The north end of Calgary received about 2-3 cm of snow last night but there was a lot less in the south. The PLPP report indicated about 2 cm in the south end of the ski trail system. 

Strathmore golf course was trackset today. Photo by Ed Meyer. 

Strathmore received closer to 10 cm and was trackset this morning. Tracksetter Ed Meyer said conditions are excellent.

The south end trails in PLPP were trackset last night including Tyrwhitt, Lookout, Hydroline, Blueberry Hill and Elk Pass. 

Strathmore golf course. Photo by Ed Meyer.

The Kananaskis Village trails including Ribbon Creek were trackset yesterday. 

Lake O’Hara fire road was trackset yesterday.

Confederation Update from this morning:

“Most of the trails were refreshed yesterday after the the snow farming on Wednesday night. The conditions are excellent with great coverage pretty much everywhere. There is a light cover of new snow over the trails after the snow last night and this morning. Grooming is planned for tonight.

The city has approved the extension of the season until March 24 so get out there and ski!”

Ed Meyer sent a video of this morning’s grooming at Strathmore:


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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I swear there’s a group of people determined to ruin any kind of cross country skiing at Sandy McNabb

  2. Even if we acknowledge that the eastern slopes have been horse country a lot longer than ski country this is extremely inconsiderate.

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