Sandy McNabb

The one thing Steve didn’t mention in his Sandy McNabb trip report was the temperature. 

Viewpoint on the Sandy McNabb Loop

When we arrived at 3 pm, the air temperature was +3°C and sun-exposed sections of the Sandy McNabb Loop were starting to become wet. In shaded areas the snow was still cold enough to use VR45(-2/-8). 


Upon leaving Sandy McNabb at 6 pm, the temperature was zero. After driving a short 4K and going down the big hill, the temperature dropped to -8. We stopped in Turner Valley to eat and when we left it was -12. 


After skiing for a while on the Sandy McNabb Loop at the west end of the trail system, we headed over to Loggers where we thought the snow would be more consistently cold, and it was.

When I took a snow temperature it was -6. We didn’t encounter any significant wet snow except for the access trail which was already a bit icy. It had obviously become wet earlier in the day and was already freezing. 


Loggers will probably still be in good shape tomorrow but I would expect some pretty sketchy conditions on the north side trails especially on the south-facing hills. I’d stay away from Pine Ridge, especially now that we know it has been trampled by horseback riders. I hope Larry can get some action from the Conservation Officer. 


For those of you with dogs, Sandy McNabb is partly off-leash and partly on-leash. This image will illustrate which is which. The white area on the map is off-leash. 

It’s been a real treat to have some good skiing on these trails this winter. 

As I write this at 10 pm, I’ve received 1 cm of snow in Calgary.

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