The final two days of cold weather?

The view from Bill Milne trail on Feb 28. Photo by MaSid.

With any luck, today and Saturday should be the last of this winter’s extreme cold. Starting Sunday, the temperatures moderate and it looks like a week of good skiing in pleasant temperatures is in store. 

Heather Matthies at Shaganappi golf course on Feb 27. Photo by Dean Dolph.

A Snowfall Warning was issued this morning at 7:25 a.m. for Kananaskis, with the heaviest amounts to the south. is predicting 4-5 cm for Ribbon Creek, Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb, and Pocaterra over the next 24 hours. 

511 Alberta is showing reduced visibility on Hwy 40. 

The Bow Valley Parkway is closed from Fireside to Johnston Canyon due to a train derailment. Estimated Time of Opening March 2, 2019 at 19:00.

The Ribbon Creek and Kananaskis Village trails were trackset yesterday. The Bill MIlne/Wedge/Evan-Thomas trails are being trackset this morning. Thanks to MaSid for the spectacular photo at the top of this post which was taken from the Bill Milne trail. 

The Mt Shark trails were groomed last night. 5-6 cm of snow fell during the course of the grooming, so  expect some new snow on top of the tracksetting. 

The Mud Lake(near Chester Lake) weather station indicates 5 cm of new snow overnight. 

It’s looking like a green wax day for the Lake Louise Loppet on Sunday. The Weather Network is predicting a high of -12°C on race day, after a low of -30 on Saturday night. You can still register for the loppet on Sunday morning 9:00 – 10:15 a.m. at Lake Louise. 

West Bragg Creek News

West Bragg Creek on Feb 28. Photo by Steve Riggs.

Update from WBC Groomer Jeff Mar 1 @ 10:20 a.m: “5cm of snow again last night! The grooming crew are prepping trails for the weekend and conditions are looking fantastic.”

The Alberta Youth Championships are being hosted in West Bragg Creek this weekend. Racing will be on West Crystal Lines and Chickadee Meadow. It looks like things will be wrapped up by early afternoon on Sunday. 

I noticed that Elbow South has recently been groomed and trackset. You could access the WBC trail system from Allen Bill Pond. 

If you missed it, please read the West Bragg Creek Announcement regarding their new equipment on the previous update. 

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  1. Train derailment: wow! 20 cars off the track (grain cars and empty car carriers), no injuries. Was thinking about the possibilities Monday skiing alongside the trains near protection mountain, and dismissed the thought based on a relatively flat and straight track. Wouldn’t be surprised if BNP contemplated a re-route of the ski trail to the north side of road further east to avoid the rail right of way, or a closure of some kind. There is an easy crossing point at the big meadow between “the hallway” and where the trail turns to run along the track. This would also avoid the CP maintenance vehicle crossings. But probably just trading that for AltaLink crossings instead.

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