Troll Falls

Hay Meadow is a scenic trail to take to Troll Falls

Yesterday we took Tessa on the scenic Hay Meadow trail and did the extra 300 metres to Troll Falls. It’s worth seeing the frozen waterfall at least once every winter. 

Along the Kananaskis River, the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation is watching for migrating eagles.

Although Tessa is a senior dog, she still is enthusiastic to get out on the ski trail and every moment we get to do this with her is precious. 

Conditions on Hay Meadow were excellent. Although the temperature had warmed up to -1 in mid-afternoon, the snow was still very cold and the tracks were in good shape. Walkers have stayed out of the tracks. 

Troll Falls

There was quite a cold wind blowing which required warm clothing to get started. 

When I took a snow temperature it was -8°C so VR40(-4/-12) was working well for grip. 

Hay Meadow

The eagle researchers are now on their perch along the Kananaskis River, watching for migrating eagles. They’ve seen one bald eagle so far, but it’s early in the game. Speaking of eagles, did you see the magnificent photo of bald eagles on Chuck’s trip report yesterday?

The final 300 metres to Troll Falls is not groomed but is well-packed.

As you can see in the photo gallery, Stoney trail has been groomed and is being well used by the hikers, snowshoers, and fat bikers. The Troll Falls ski trail grooming is only one day old but it was completely chopped up by hikers. I’ll gladly let them walk on those two trails if it keeps them off Hay Meadow. 

The final 300 metres to Troll Falls is a narrow trail through the trees and is not groomed. It is skiable with a bit of care and caution.

I noticed some new signage directing people to the Upper Falls. Railings have also been installed at the falls for people wanting to get up close. 

Bill Milne and Wedge Connector were trackset yesterday. 

Tunnel Mountain in Banff was trackset yesterday. 

PLPP update:

“No grooming has been done over the last couple of nights due to mechanical issues with the snowcat. With the exception of the trails groomed on Friday night in the north end, expect 2 to 5 cm’s of new snow on most trails in PLPP, maybe a little more at higher elevations.”

Lost and Found

Keith Bagnall sent this email…

“I picked up an expensive hat on the Lake O’Hara road yesterday and turned it in to the Lake Louise VIC. The item is a black leather “trapper” hat with rabbit fur trim.”

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